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Captain’s Log – September 17th, 2015

By September 19, 2015 Captain's Log

Production Meeting Day!

While about half the team couldn’t make it, we had a production meeting to get moving on important stuff.  Line Producer Mike DeMeritt has produced a schedule and will be producing a final budget in the next week or so.  We met with casting director Christime Sheaks about casting, starting with the Federation President and a new Admiral we see, the Chief of Starfleet Operations, who is Ramirez right hand, and who may just be an alien.  I can tell you the first names on the list for each role are pretty cool and certainly gettable.

Movie Posters


The master…Bob Peak

We have started the conversation with two amazing artists who will be doing movie posters for us.  The first is Dave Dorman, the brilliant artist known for his Star Wars work.


Dave Dorman

And a new favorite, Jon Pinto, who Diana and I met at Dragon Con and who did this stunning piece of art.


Jon Pinto

Axanar Starship Gaming Miniatures

Well, Andrew Bergstrom has finally come through with the first three ships.  They will be available soon in our donor store!  They are FASA 1/3125 scale.

Ares-3Q front copy

Ares-bottom copy

Ares-top-back copy

At night Diana and I went to the Action on Film Festival opening night party.  Prelude to Axanar is nominated for 5 awards in this Los Angeles Film Festival!  It was a small event but a total blast.


As we will be out of town for the award party, Prelude Editor Rob Burnett will be attending for Team Axanar.

More tomorrow!


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