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Captain’s Log – Sep. 15th, 2016

By September 15, 2016 Captain's Log


Thursday, Sep. 15th, 2016

I have taken a while off of writing this Captain’s blog as we focused on the lawsuit with CBS & Paramount and moving Axanar and other projects forward.  The Axanar Fan Group on Facebook has been my primary source of communication with fans.  But everyone always wants to know more, and I love sharing what is going on with Axanar.

So, starting today, I am back at it!  And I am going to fill everyone in on some great events we have attended, like Denver Comic Con, Creation’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary Las Vegas Con, and Dragon Con!  Plus, little tidbits on the lawsuit.  And let’s start there….


The lawsuit is currently in the discovery phase.  Ironic no?  CBS is launching Star Trek: Discovery next year and we are in discovery with CBS.  What does that mean?  Well, each party is asking the other for documents, emails and whatever a party may have that the other party thinks may help them in the case.

And meanwhile we are each scheduling depositions with the other side.

So we are in for four and a half months before trial.  More to come as we have it!








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  • marcus coull says:

    Chin up Alex we are all in for the long run.Axanar will be done.Hopefully sooner than later but I’m sure it will be So!!

  • Axanar2050 says:

    Hi all,
    I am a little confused here. I thought the lawsuit was going to be dropped? Or are you still in the process of determining what can be dropped?

    Why do not sell/hand over the whole story to CBS to be used in the new series?
    It would certianly fit into the timeline and could be used as recent historic event / incident that can frequently be revisited / shown in stories.
    Regards, Axanar2250

    • Alec Peters says:

      No, the lawsuit has not been dropped. CBS is still pursuing the case.

      And CBS has no interest in Axanar. We have offered them it for free and they refused.

      • Cpt. Obvious says:

        That sucks. They are going to try to draw this out as long as possible to bankrupt you. Sure, your legal team is free, but the warehouse rental, etc., are not.

  • Eliza Tague says:

    Good luck to you Alec Peters, and the rest of the team. during the Discovery stage.
    Rooting for you.

  • Axanar2050 says:

    Hi Alec,
    thanks for clarifying.
    In that case you should get all the support from us that you need. Best of luck.
    One day we will all hopefully live in a better world. In a united federation of common interests (and common sense).
    But wishing for a thing does not make it so, does it?

  • John Biancamano says:

    THANX for this Captain’s Log, but as I sent you all, (3) three E-Mails by way of the “Contact Us”, site. All of us that for one reason or an other will not or can not go on Facebook , need to be up dated through this site! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE YOU GUYS AND AXANAR !!!!!!! and have put up about $400, with love and hope for your success, and ours!!! PLS PLS PLS don’t go dark for 3 to 4 months again! John

  • Bryan L says:

    I’m on a pension and can’t support you financially, but wholly with you in spirit. I find that what you are doing is incredible and wonderful, and wish you every success in the legal battle. One thing I don’t understand (I’ve only recently disovered all this): if Paramount owns the movie rights, how is CBS blocking you (probably a stupid question)? Axanar is a non-commercial movie, not a series. (Note, that is worded in the positive – “is”).

  • Todd Milner says:

    Just wondering why Axanar was offered to CBS for free/at all?

    • Alec Peters says:

      Because we did Prelude and Axanar for the love of Star Trek. We want nothing from it but to make it for all the 14,000 donors who donated to see our vision of a time period in Star Trek no one has ever seen. We love Star Trek, so if CBS wanted it, they could have it…for free.

      That they do not shows a serious lack of vision as just about everyone I know in Hollywood says.

  • Gene Turnbow says:

    This is potentially the most dangerous part of the proceedings for CBS. They will have to dig and show a complete lineage of ownership for every tiny thing for which they’re asserting that Axanar has somehow damaged them. It may yet uncover unexpected gaps in their licensing or intellectual property ownership, erroneous claims, failures on basic terms of copyright over things like languages (historically languages cannot be copyrighted) or other problems. The more they drag this out, the more public their fight against their own fans becomes, the more toxic their relationship with their own fans becomes.

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