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Captain’s Log – Sep. 6-7 2015 – Dragon Con Part III

By September 10, 2015 Captain's Log

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

After the Axanar panel it was off to the Colonial Fleet Party!  Absolutely the best party of any con all year long.  OK, I am biased, but the venue is great, all my close Fleet family are there and oh yeah, these guys too…

Jaime Bamber, Edward James Olmos, Michael Trucco, Tricia Helfer and James Callas.

Good friends Jeff Perella (An Axanar game play tester and donor), Diana, Associate Producer Bill Watters and Donor Kristen Schlicht.  The Colonial Fleet supports Axanar!

Diana looking good in her BSG corset!

Diana talking with Associate Producer Bill Watters

Dean wanted to meet Grace Park, who I knew from my time on set of BSG. She kindly agreed to a selfie with us.

The Fleet party is always amazing and when we left, Diana and I walked back to the Hilton with our dear friends Axanar Associate Producer Bill Watters and Mary Anne Butler.

A great Dragon Con ends with a great party.  Now back to L.A.

Monday, September 7th, 2015

We got up at 7:30 and headed to the airport.    It was an uneventful flight that got us back to L.A. at noon.  The 3 hour time change worked in our favor.  It was an uneventful rest of the day as I tried to get work done while Diana unpacked and loved on Boomer.

Boomer 9.7.15
Boomer, for his part, was overcome with emotion about seeing his Mommy after 6 days.



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  • Gayle Grindahl says:

    Boomie is looking handsome as usual – – the rest of you look pretty nice also.

  • Ultrawoman says:

    Boomer is very beautiful!!!!! Here are some kisses for him! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Um, Alec…aren’t you forgetting something? I quoteth from your Friday entry: “We also had a great Axanar presence as we were entered into the Dragon Con Film Festival.” You never mentioned whether or not Prelude won (although I know the answer ’cause I looked it up). Wanna share with the rest of the class, boychik?

  • Doug says:

    Awesome pics guys – thx for sharing. I need to save some $$$ and go to this event.

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