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Captain’s Log – Sep. 20th, 2016

By September 21, 2016 September 22nd, 2016 Captain's Log
klingon complete

Klingon Boot parts completed.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Well, today started out in Salt Lake City, where I was stranded over night when my flight got delayed and I missed my connection.  No big deal, I arrived back in LA at 10:00 and was able to make our meeting with the costume maker in East L.A. that is making our Starfleet uniforms.  Kate Bergh, our fantastic costume designer, has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  And the garment manufacturer we use has been working on these for well over a year on and off.  Since we were so close when production stopped in January, and since we owe a bunch of Starfleet tunics as perks, it made sense to finish them off. So here is where we are:

Klingon Costumes  – The jackets were done last year.  Under shirts and pants are off the rack and the boot parts, which will go over off the rack boots to give a more Klingon look, are done.  We just have to finish the Baldrics, and found the perfect material for downtown.

Starfleet Tunics  –  The women’s sample is done and fit perfect on our size model.  The men’s tunic has two more minor adjustments to make and then it will be ready. The men’s pants are done and Kate is very happy with them.  Both costumes use off the rack undershirts we have sourced and are happy with.

So the Starfleet tunics for donors who ordered them, should be available in the very near future.  they will then be shipped to each of you.  Note they will be unhemmed and the sleeves will be unfinished as well, so you can adjust the sleeves and hemlines to your own physique. They will all have an Ares insignia on them, and will be supplied with braid so you can make them whatever rank you want.

When we have our samples done, we will photograph them before they go into production.






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  • Rick Newton says:

    Good to see that despite what is happening you, and the “crew,” are proceeding with the fulfillment of those perks that have been promised. Here’s hoping, however, that completing these does not add fuel to the fire that is burning under CBS/Paramount.

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