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Captain’s Log – October 4th, 2015

By October 7, 2015 Captain's Log

Mary Anne, Bill, Diana and Alec

While Sunday was all about wine tasting in Napa with Bill and Mary Anne, I thought I would show you all two big things in sets.

First are the stairs that Dean built for the transporter, that actually are wider than on TOS.  They look beautiful!

New stairs!

The next is a reference image we used when designing the Federation and Klingon War Rooms.


HALO’s War Room table

And the Klingon table Concept Artist Eric Henry designed for Axanar:

Klingon Table 2

Klingon War Room Concept Art

That’s all for today!


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  • Fred Trafton says:

    The “war room tables” are amazing looking. I dunno … they look too good to be BEFORE TOS! That’s a bit of a continuity problem, isn’t it? To go from amazing modern equipment design to the cut-out-of-plywood-looking sets of TOS. Well, in some ways there was the same problem with the NX-01 Enterprise. I guess we just have to assume the TOS Enterprise would have looked better if they only had more money and a 2000’s aesthetic sense back in the late 1960’s. Have you seen the little fan-generated video where they put (at least) Kirk and Uhura in a modern-looking CGI bridge? It’s only a few seconds long, but it’s awesome to see the old actors on this synthetic bridge. It would be very interesting to do a re-remaster of TOS and upgrade all the sets like this …

  • Jason Moon says:

    Klingon table looks AWESOME! Will it be able to show floating images ABOVE the table? Even if no, still COOL SH*T!

  • Michael Miyabara-McCaskey says:

    Hope you all got some time to relax at the “Castle” – been there several times for film shoots and wine tasting! haha – great place.

    BTW – I keep seeing all sorts of posts/articles everywhere that say Axanar (Prelude) is amazing due to the cinematography – and truly it is… but I just wanted to let you know – for myself and my youngest daughter (now a teenager who never liked JJ Trek movies) she is absolutely waiting to see what Captain Sonya does. So KUDOS on the WRITING! And further – your thematic timing is very good in Prelude, I hope you keep the same level of writing and thematic pacing – in the upcoming Axanar movies/webisodes/whatever. 🙂

    And yes… the above Holographics above look to be great inspiration as was the BSG holo you posted previously, it is unfortunate we all know this is before TOS though, so the apparent more advanced tech in Axanar will likely need some explanation – perhaps the tech was lost later in some major espionage move by the Klingon’s (system wide virus)? 🙂 Or maybe this tech is only deemed required on ships during a time of war, and later was refitted into science stations? Anyway – if you can do it – do it! looks fantastic!

    Keep up the amazing work, and have fun!


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