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Captain’s Log – October 3rd, 2015

By October 7, 2015 October 9th, 2015 Captain's Log

Our booth at Steamhouse Con

OK, so it was a small con,  a VERY small con.  But we had some good times with our friends from ours and other productions.

The Axanar panel had almost as many people on the panel as in the audience.

Prelude Production Coordinator Ryan Husk, Axanar Vulcan Scene background star and Axanar actor Rico Anderson, Prelude to Axanar Sound Designer Mark Edward Lewis, Diana and I made up the panel.  It was small, but fun none the less.

We made the best of a bad con by finding a GREAT Greek restaurant for lunch.

And there were Maple Bacon cupckaes!

Associate Producer Bill Watters, Alec and Diana, goddess of fulfillment.

We made a grand total of $12 but have to feel bad for the promoters.   So not being obligated to stay Sunday as we had told the promoter we would only do Saturday (wisely covering our bases), we headed to San Francisco to hang with Associate Producer Bill Watters and Mary Anne Butler.  Because tomorrow is Napa!


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  • Brian Heite says:

    Well, Alec, I believe this was a first edition for a con, so you folks made a great effort to bring out Axanar. You folks are really making an outstanding effort at getting the production the attention it needs, and deserves. Appreciate all the efforts all of you folks are making on our behalf’s.

  • Milan says:

    I think the Axanar team are going above and beyond with the support given to other events and venues. It just shows your true passion for everything independent and it clearly shows Axanar is a top-notch enterprise (no pun intended) that others could emulate!

  • Paul G says:

    Somehow Alec, you and Diana do not appear to be the types to indulge in maple bacon cupcakes. Ok , you one maybe but not Diana.

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