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Captain’s Log – October 29th, 2015

By November 3, 2015 Captain's Log
Wrap 3

Simon Lissaman’s concept art for the Fleet Captain’s wrap.

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Today was a crazy day as I had to drive to Vegas and back (a 4 hour drive each way) for both a personal and an Axanar reason.  The fact that I had two reasons to go made the trip worth while.  But that is one helluva lot of driving in one day.

One thing to do was to meet the guy building our Fleet Captain’s wrap, a tunic based off the Kirk Captain’s wrap of Season 2.  Ours uses a gold double knit fabric, has three stripes on the sleeve, and special laurels around the neck.  Simon Lissaman, one of our assistant art directors nailed it with the above concept art.

So today was a costume fitting where all my sizes were taken and I discussed the design with my costume maker.


One of the highlights of the trip, was a stop at Freddy’s burgers, which is a midwest style hamburger joint on the way to Vegas.  Think Steak and Shake but 10x better!  Now I can’t be cheating on my diet a week before shooting, but after the hardest workout of the year this AM, and hitting a 18 month low weight wise, I got a double without cheese, which only cost me 470 calories!  (I hope Sophia, my trainer, isn’t reading this!).  When you cheat, cheat smart!

That’s a wrap for today!   (ha ha – see what I did there?)


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