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Captain’s Log – October 28th, 2015

By November 3, 2015 Captain's Log
Klingon Bridge

Klingon Bridge Concept Art

Wednesday, Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

The big news today was our beginning to work with a technology provider to get much needed hardware for our production shoot.  Bing Bailey, who is our DIT (Digital Ingest Technician), Colorist and co-editor, is a technology pro.  Really one of the few guys I know who balances his left and right brains brilliantly.  Well, we were approached by a major technology hardware vendor who wants to work with us, and Bing came up with a list of over $ 15,000 worth of technology we need and we are in the process of negotiating a deal to get this equipment for free.

Now a days with filming being digital, you don’t need to spend a ton on 35mm film stock.  But you do need memory cards, hard drives and more to store it all on.  And these cost money!

So keep your fingers crossed and we may well get another big chunk of donations!

Klingon Bridge 5

A shot of the digital Klingon bridge.

Also, we are working away on the Klingon bridge, which includes securing the digital Klingon bridge from Adam “Mojo” Liebowitz.  The photo above is all digital!  It is a complete model so we can use it to green screen our bridge in the background of practical foreground elements like the Captain’s chair and consoles.


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  • Doug says:

    The digital bridge is nice. Great job!

  • …hmmm, not sure I can see how it fits together yet, but i like the “look” of concepts! =)

    BUT: maybe the captain’s chair could be elevated, and behind the crew consoles?

    Will we see the inside of the long skinny “neck” of the ship behind the digital bridge…?

    …hopefully we will see a front / over-the shoulder / viewscreen view?

    keep up the GREAT WORK, you guys! =)

    • Ok, now I recognize it: that’s Martok’s BoP bridge (more or less) from the Dominion War…

      …but if you’re going to move the “First Officer’s” consoles around, I’d still prefer to see them become the new “Helm” and “Tactical” stations …maybe configured more like Kruge’s BoP bridge from ST3?

      …maybe that could be Kurn’s BoP bridge configuration? =)

      …ok, i see the door to the main corridor now …maybe we will see the corridor itself also, since it will be digital?

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