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Captain’s Log – October 26th, 2018

By October 29, 2018 Captain's Log

Alexander Richardson’s amazing monitor graphics!

Friday, October 26th, 2018

Today was spent with James Simpson who is our technical consultant and helped plan out how we were going to wire the bridge.  There are 14 sections to the bridge, and there are at least five monitors, four eye level, and one big monitor up top!

The last four TVs arrive!

We literally have 14 TVs we had to buy for the upper monitors.  We had 8 already, so I shelled out over $ 1,000 for the remaining 6.  All we needed to do was drop the TVs in the top, as it was all set up to hold them thanks to Dean Newbury and Curtis Short, who was our studio manager in LA.  Curts had already installed all the old style 4×3 aspect ratio monitors at eye level.

The back of a bridge station

Each computer runs two monitors.  A Rasberry Pi (a tiny, tiny computer) runs the upper monitor. The above photo was before we connected everything.

This weekend we have a gaffer and an electrician coming to help set up the lighting and power.

So stay tuned for more this weekend as we get everything set up!


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  • Rick Newton says:


    I’m not certain if, or how often, you get this said/written to you:

    Thank-you for your dedication to this project. No one should doubt this dedication when you continually use your personal funds to make Axanar happen!

    Again, thank-you for you dedication and your monetary investment in this project.

    I, for one (and there must be many, many more), appreciate your dedication and spirit to Star Trek and, especially to Axanar!

  • mike says:

    wish i was there i use to be a electricians helper untell 9/11

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