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Captain’s Log – October 25th, 2018

By October 29, 2018 Captain's Log

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Dana Wagner has been working all week with our sign maker, one of the best in Atlanta, to get the console panels ready. Today we got the the first panels, for one of the auxiliary stations.

Now there are two ways you can print these, on the reverse, or on the front.  And they produce very different results as you can see above.  The top was printed on the front, which produces a matte finish, and the bottom was printed on the back, which means you get a more reflective surface.

The choice is obvious.  I don’t want my Director of Photography bitching at me!  🙂


The first test used an LED we had handy, and we hooked up the eye level monitors to check out how they work.

I also got to see Dana Wagner’s finished basement.  Which he did ALL the work on himself!  Yeah, he built his house too.  Some guys….

This is his sound mixing studio! We will be doing some work here on Axanar.

More coming…


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  • Adam Schoenwald says:

    Looking real sharp. I do have one question for you and I am sure you probably had it already, but I just must have missed it. In TOS all the buttons and switches were push and flip type buttons. I am just curious as to why to choose to go with a more “Modern” style of displays. Are you in a different timeline, kinda like the Kelvin Time line where everything has a more modernized look, or are you just taking some artistic liberties and though still in the original time line just making it more realistic? Either way I like the look just curious of the thought process behind it.

    • Alec Peters says:

      50s era toggle switches and buttons simply look way too dated. SO we wanted a slightly more accessible look. Something that makes you believe you are in the Prime Timeline, but which you can still believe as the future.

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