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Captain’s Log – October 22-26th, 2015

By October 28, 2015 Captain's Log
Canada 1

Top of the mountain!

Well, I haven’t taken a non-convention vacation in, well, forever.  And after a long con season, and a lot of hard work, I thought Diana and I needed to take a real vacation. And fortunately we had some good friends who had invited us up to their place in Hinton, Canada, near the Canadian Rockies. So we flew into Calgary and hit Banff for a day and a half before heading through the National Park which is truly spectacular.

Now a vacation didn’t mean we weren’t answering emails every night.  We were.  You simply can’t leave for 4 days and ignore the work.  But that was maybe an hour a night.  Don’t worry, we had plenty of rest and fun!  And we did the whole vacation for under $ 1,000 (including an Audi A4 as a rental car!).

Canada 4

Lake Herbert

Canada 2

The famous Banff Springs Hotel is SPECTACULAR

Canada 3

When in Rome….

Canada 5

Canada Wildlife

So back to the salt mines!  I will have some good photos for you all this week as there is a lot happening in sets!


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  • Brian Heite says:

    Good for both of you! That is an absolutely gorgeous place, the mountains and hotel were spectacular. Well deserved time off.

  • EJCox says:

    Well deserved respite… Pacing yourself and your efforts as well as time for recreation and enjoyment is what make for a great Axanar production… You guys look like you had some fun…

  • Jason Moon says:

    When I see the picture of Lake Herbert, I just gotta ask: Do you reach, brother(and sister)?”

  • Doug says:

    My God those photos are beautiful! Looks like a wonderful place to visit. Hope you’re both having a great time.

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