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Captain’s Log – October 16-19th, 2015

By October 23, 2015 Captain's Log
Klingon Consoles 10.19.15

The Klingon consoles

Well, I took 4 days to visit my family in Florida.  My god sons live in Orlando, and my Mom, Dad and nephews live 90 minutes away in Tampa.  So Friday and Monday I was flying.  Saturday/Sunday I was with my godsons.  That means I got a lot of emails done Friday and Monday and almost nothing done Saturday/Sunday, as 9 year old boys are a hand full!  Especially when they love you, and haven’t seen you in 4 months.  There are Lego’s to build and games to play and such.

Sadly, my father, who recently turned 80, was sick and so I had to cancel my trip to see him and my Mom.  But I will be back for Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing my nephews (who are 23 & 24) then.  OK, enough of me!  What is up with Axanar?

Well, here is an update.


Dean has hired a painter to begin finishing the sets that have been built (bridge, transporter, turbolift).  This is a big step forward towards having finished sets!

Meanwhile, Dean and Dominic finished the basic Klingon Consoles and are moving onto the Captain’s quarters.

Curtis Short, our Studio Manager, has been sourcing video monitors for the bridge and got us a smoking deal at $ 17 a piece!  Curtis is the man when it comes to getting things cheap.  He is a total bulldog and will not stop till he saves every last dime!

VFX 10.22.15

VFX pre-visualization


Rob has started working full time as of October 15th and so a lot is happening now.  Rob and Tobias have been exchanging dozens of emails every day to get the animatics, basically the pre-visualization) down.


Fabric choices


April has been tracking down fabric samples and Diana and I have been reviewing them.  We have a new point of contact at our costume fabricator, the CEO, and things are moving on the Starfleet costumes.  Meanwhile, pattern making is about to start on Klingon costumes.  We have been trying to settle on fabrics, and we think we have some great options.



Curtis has been busting his butt and now has all the pieces in place for our massive 40′ x 60′ green screen.  In addition, electricians have finished their work on the studio’s second floor offices, which Curtis says will be ready for occupancy by month’s end.  Good!  because we are tired of having our desks in the lobby!  🙂

Annual Report


Finally, I have been working to get an updated Axanar annual report out.  This new report is over 20 pages of info on everything that has happened from prelude to Axanar up till 7/31/15.  It includes updated financials on both Prelude and Axanar Kickstarters.

OK, more coming, so stay tuned!



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  • Brian Heite says:

    Alec, you are doing an absolutely awesome, responsible and incredibly thorough job at keeping the information flowing. No one should ever have any reason to complain about the Axanar information pipe, it is really setting the bar way up there for future efforts of this type. Thank you!

  • Michael Miyabara-McCaskey says:

    Nice to hear about the smoking deal on bridge monitors, I’m the type of guy who jumps in when I think people need help, great to know you guys are the top 3% and have it covered!! 🙂

    As for some of the nay-saying I’ve been seeing on the nets, it would be interesting if you put into your Annual Report how much things would cost if you all weren’t being smart about how you spend the $$. Sort of like how you already did with “rent sound stage time vs. build your own” – I think some folks see big enough numbers that would make themselves cringe – and then decide to take it out on team Axanar thinking you all are mis-using the $$ provided – which obviously is not the case.

    Thanks for all you are doing, and kudos to you at continuing to build the dream team!


  • James Schultz says:

    I really do appreciate the updates that you do.

  • Doug says:

    Alec is the king of multi-tasking!!

  • Lance Ripplinger says:

    Thank you for the updates Alec! You guys are running a top notch outfit! I have always believed that good things come to those who wait. I have to remind people of this constantly, since I always get usual “why isn’t Axanar done yet” and other dribble. You can’t rush greatness. This will the most epic fan film ever!

  • Steve Dixon says:

    With all the info that comes from the Axanar folks, I feel I am constantly In board meetings and its info I am glad to read, see and listen!

  • James Galbreath says:

    Glad you got some good family time in, and hope your Dad gets better soon. It’s great to see things ramping up with Axanar pre-production. It is so beneficial and educational to see the whole process as it is happening—Thanks! Your constant updates and pix are so informative that any complaints are relegated to the “fine whine cellar!” Please continue the great communications job, and give us peeks when you are able to begin shooting scenes in January!

  • Tim Treadwell says:

    I am so looking forward to the finished product! Thanks for making all the effort. Here’s hoping that all goes smoothly with the filming.

  • Daniel says:

    As mentioned above, your updates are like being apart of the team. Ya’ll are doing a great job. I have been more excited about this project than any that I can remember. Myself and my two teenaged boys are REALLY looking forward to what’s to come. Again great job!

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