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Captain’s Log – Nov 25th, 2015

By November 25, 2015 November 29th, 2015 Captain's Log

Garth’s quarters

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

Today was a day with three meetings scheduled.  Unfortunately, two of them cancelled!  The first one though was with a talented young director we are looking to work with, and whom I have worked with before.  We had a good time chatting film making and watching his new pilot, which he has placed with Machinima.

After that it was podcasting for Rob and me as we did the news for podcast # 35 and recorded an interview for podcast #36.

Yesterday I posted the above picture of Garth’s quarters and asked what 3 things should Garth have on his shelves.  Well, as of the writing of this blog entry, you all have posted over 500 replies!  Wow, that is quite amazing.  And THANK YOU for your suggestions.  We will be using some of them and letting you know what we decide.

JFK Sculpts

Kharn gets a buddy!

Meanwhile our buddy Jeff from JFK sculpts has a new bust in the works!


Join the discussion 6 Comments

  • i really like Capt. Garth’s quarters so far! especially the curved walls… or is that the lens you’re using? 😉

    nice bust! =)

  • Martin Horowitz says:

    If you come out with a few more designs you can have a complete chess set!

  • Doug says:

    The set is looking good!

  • Would love to see a 3D chess set. I’m sure there are places in the movie with dialogue that could be spruced by having Garth playing chess at the same – giving you the link of Garth being a chess master, passing the love of it on to Kirk. All that exposure to a chess Master may be where he develops the skill to beat Spock once in awhile. 😉

  • David Bobb says:

    He should have a painting of “Orion Slave Girls Playing Poker” hanging up on one of the walls :)~

  • J.D. says:

    Garth needs a bottle of Saurian Brandy on the shelf. Every good Captain needs a stiff drink now and then.

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