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Captain’s Log – Nov 24th, 2015

By November 25, 2015 Captain's Log

The man in fur

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Today was spent at home in the AM, working on Axanar or course.  I had acting class at 1:00 so no sense in driving 30 minutes north to the studio.

When I work from home, I feed Boomer lunch.  Diana lives around the corner from me in the same apartment complex, and so I drop by and give him some much needed love (cats always need love…they are basically love sponges) and a scoopful of kibble.

A Few Good Men 1

Me (Jessup), Seth (Kaffee), Curtis (Judge), Leanne (Ross)

Then it was off to Acting class.  It was the last day (and fourth time) doing the courtroom scene from A Few Good Men.  I got to play the Jack Nicholson role (Jessup) and my buddy Seth played the Tom Cruise part (Kaffee).  We keep getting better, which is the whole idea of class.  Richard would like us to expand the scene, but it is time to work on Axanar.

Meanwhile, back at the studio..

Bridge 11.16.15

Painting begins!

Thank you donors!


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  • AriesRCN says:

    Looking great.

    I know the blue is painters tape, but it looks cool having a blue edging. I was in the Royal Canadian Navy and every ship was a little different, sometimes even a different coloured edging in the passage ways.

    Thought every star ship would have something a little different to make it unique to that ship/crew.

    Just a crazy thought from a sailor lol.

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