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Captain’s Log – Nov 16th, 2015

By November 21, 2015 Captain's Log
Kingon Boot 2

Klingon Boots modifications

Monday, Nov. 16th, 2015

One of the things Simon Lissaman, our Assistant Art Director for Production Art handles is Klingon costumes and props.  For our Klingons, who are different than what you have seen before.  The boots are always a challenge with Klingons as the ones they used on TNG and later were VERY expensive leather, over-the-knee boots.  SO our solution is to add on parts to existing boots.  These will be cast most likely and then Velcroed on to existing boot.  The above is an early look that Simon did.

We also need gauntlets, but they need to be less obtrusive than what they did for TNG which are a bit big.  After all, our Klingons are at war and they need to be able to fight!

Kingon Gauntlet 1

Gauntlets need to be functional and simple.

So that is what we are working on.  Oh and there are cool Batleths we are working on!


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  • James Schultz says:

    Those look way cool!!

  • …I LIKE this concept! (grieves and braces) =)

    (I always thought that klingons legs were too skinny) (due to the boots) =P

    …that being said, I’m starting to get the impression that Axanar’s klingons are kind of a hybrid of TOS and TNG klingons? Unless this is also a cost cutting measure, I think TOS klingon design should be disregarded, much as the older TOS technology has been (gum drops vs. touch screens)…

    To my eye, they are looking a little too “refined”: they need to be more barbaric IMHO, like viking berserkers. the boots need to be much more chunky / utilitarian / military. The toe caps should look like they would mess you up if you got kicked by it! The grieves / braces should look like battle-damaged riot police gear or distressed metal… at any rate, certainly NOT shiny and smooth 😉

    maybe the braces could extend slightly past the elbow, to facilitate offensive usage…?

    Make the klingons some stormtroopin’ skull-crushin’ mofos! (grrrr!!)

    • …i’m thinking that the fitment / closure on the arm braces is problematic: maybe they should just be half-shells which strap-on (like the greaves)? …would make them less obtrusive for swinging a bat’leth too! …and maybe give a more interesting / consistent look?

      maybe the straps could be made of the same “leather” as the tunic vest?

      Please don’t make all of your klingons look the same! Maybe let them have some personalization, as barbaric warriors would? 😉

      keep up the GREAT WORK! =)

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