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Captain’s Log – May 9, 2015

By May 10, 2015 Captain's Log

Space City Comic Con

It may have been Saturday, but there was work to do!  And today while discussing the next Kickstarter and the possibility of moving it to July, PR Director Mike Bawden and I called George Commits of Space City Comic Con.  The entire Axanar cast attended Houston Con last year which George put on.  This year, George has William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew and more attending.  And now the Axanar cast and crew will be back!  JG Herztler and Gary Graham are already confirmed, and we hope to have two new cast members there as well.  More info to follow….


We are very excited to announce that The Digital Bits panel at San Diego Comic Con 2015 will feature Axanar!  Bill Hunt, the founder of the Digital Bits, the #1 Blu-ray and DVD website, and a huge Axanar supporter, has hosted this panel for years.  This year, it will feature not only Blu-ray luminaries Charlie Lauzirika (Blade Runner, Transformers, Spiderman), Cliff Stephenson (The Hunger Games, Hannibel) and our own Rob Burnett (Free Enterprise, The Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-rays), all three of whom will be working on the Axanar Blu-ray, but I will be joining the panel and discussing the Prelude to Axanar Blu-ray and upcoming Axanar Blu-ray and Deluxe Blu-ray.

We will have give-aways and a first look at Axanar!  We need volunteers for our time at SDCC too, so please let us know if you want to help the cause!


Sci-Fi London will be screening Prelude to Axanar twice at the Stratford Picturehouse in London:

2:15pm – Mon, 1st June 2015

8:30pm – Sun, 7th June 2015



Well, Sunday will be a full work day as I try and get my email inbox down to a manageable size.

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  • Steven Shinsato says:

    Who do we contact if we’re interested in finding out more about volunteering at SDCC?

  • Stephen Black says:

    Great news about coming back to Comicpalooza! I missed Tony Todd last year as I could only attend on Sunday. This year I will be at the con all 3 days. The venue is also going to be a lot larger as it will be at NRG Center next to our NFL Football Stadium and the world famous Astrodome. Another don’t miss for the con is the Voyager 20th anniversary reunion taking place.

  • Stephen Black says:

    Excuse me I meant Space City Comic Con. My bad.

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