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Captain’s Log – May 6-8th, 2016

By May 10, 2016 Captain's Log

No calls

Friday – Sunday, May 6-8th, 2016

Why have no other Star Trek Fan Films gotten a call from CBS?  Why was it ONLY Star Trek: Horizon that got a call?  This is a question NO ONE is asking (especially the opinion blogs that love attacking Axanar, which as I have pointed out, are only interested in attacking Axanar, not doing any real reporting).

Tommy Kraft claims that when Bill Burke from CBS called him he said “Other productions are getting calls”.  But that hasn’t happened.  Did Tommy mishear Bill?  Did Bill Burke lie about other productions getting calls so Tommy would feel better?  Why was Star Trek: Continues Indiegogo allowed to continue if CBS was going to be calling other productions?

No other production has gotten a call.  So why not?  Why has ONLY Horizon gotten a call from CBS?   What does Horizon have in common with Axanar?  Is it that Tommy Kraft worked on Axanar?  Is CBS continuing its blacklisting of people associated with Axanar?  Or is it that Star Trek: Horizon was a high quality MOVIE, just like Axanar.

Is Paramount, having a new Star Trek movie coming out this summer, concerned about competition?  Are they worried their film won’t be favorably compared to a couple of high quality fan films?  The Star Trek Beyond trailer was roundly panned by fans and critics when it appeared in December.  (Although I happened to not feel anything negative about it as I don’t think trailers tell you anything).  Reshoots had to be undertaken and even a new, last minute, cast member was added.  Is Paramount so worried about its movie doing well, that they are afraid of a couple of fan films?

Someone needs to ask these questions.  Because with Horizon being asked to stop, CBS has just blurred the lines between what they find acceptable and what they don’t even more.

Alec Peters

Executive Producer


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  • W Ted Jones says:

    like your question maybe fan films should file a joint claim against CBS, I feel the fans are the ones that own Star Trek, good luck.

  • Marcus Coull says:

    On ya Alec.Exactly what has to be asked.Why only thr 2 high profile Fan sponsored find and no other fan films.Keep the faith and we will see Axanar finished Live long and prosper Axanar..

  • …why, Why, WHY!! GORRAMN IT!!!

    …why did paramount put star trek in the hands of these ruttin’ HACKS!!!

    jj, boborci, et al should be thrice beaten with pain sticks!!! =(

    paramount should sue THEM for fraud / embezzlement!!

  • …because they thought they could slap a Bad Robot label on it, and watch the cash roll in =(

    (blind greed) (they won’t notice the fakeness, for the flash…) =(

  • …I have *NO LOVE* for Moonves, but i think CBS is just going along with paramount and bad robot (or whatever shell corporation jj / boborci are fronting on this latest nu-trek POS)

    …the answer seems obvious to me …now what is Axanar going to do about it?

    martial wisdom says: do not meet force with force, but seek to avoid it, or re-direct it 😉

    let the greater force have the battlefield of feature films, retreat to uncontested TV episodic 😉

    • Colin Krapp says:

      Herbert – you do know Abrams is only a producer on the upcoming Star Trek Beyond, and Orci isn’t involved at all, right?

      • …what I know, is that you are incorrect, Mr. Krapp.

        prove your innuendo, if u can, LOL… =P

      • Nyunian Tsung says:

        Want an answer? “Google/bing” >Fourth Reich< the go to wiki and enter scroll down to >weaknessesNotverordnung aka Article 38Homeland Protection GuardProtection Squadron< and watch the "fun place" it sends you. What's up with JJ Abrams in all the SyFy? Find out who his dad/granddad was/is. Let me give you a hint, "He was allegedly the head of the V2 Rocket program during WWII for the NAZI's with an alleged kill score of over 20K … Same guy did the Saturn 5 rocket for the USA (Operation Paperclip) … The guy is practically a Klingon or Romulan spy. Fun huh? BOYCOTT PARAMOUNT and TAKE STAR TREK AWAY FROM THEM!

  • James Mielke says:

    Continues, New Voyages, Farragut, Exeter, Hidden Frontier, Saladin, Renegades, Odyssey….
    Trust me Alec, we are asking the question. We are just not sure whom to ask.
    (IMO, Continues should just not continue. I much prefer New Voyages.)

  • jd says:

    Boycott Paramount and their rubbish movie !!!!! Send the call out to every Trekie fan on the internet. Start a Kickstarter campaign with
    Paramount sucks tee shirts. Make the assholes pay where it will hurt them- their bottom line.

    • Nyunian Tsung says:

      Jd has it right … WE THE FANS and the various Artists themselves MADE STAR TREK WHAT IT IS. the fans/artists NOT THOSE MONEY GRUBBERS corporate %$#@^%&’s… I say let’s the fans get together and FIRE CBS/Paramount and take the franchise from them. They betray the formula more and more Fourth Reich drivel, every time they make a movie. I don’t understand what it is about Sn 02.Ep 21 (Patterns of Force) people don’t understand … “POWER CORRUPTS and ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY” … Give a Human too much power and they play god.” (forgive the paraphrased quote). These corporate types understand one thing ONLY $$$ so let’s give them some and take Star Trek from them … PERMANENTLY. I SAY, jd IS RIGHT … BOYCOTT CBS?PARAMOUNT …. and I want my “Paramount sucks!!!” T-Shirt??? if nothing else lets move the studio to a “Non-aligned Country” like Belize and stop going to or patronizing ANYTHING MADE BY THEM! Besides all the new movies SUCK except for Fan Flicks I don’t watch anything but old stuff.

      • Nyunian Tsung says:

        Oh and one more thing … another quote this time from Oddly, George Clooney (from his last movie) …”Inside each of us are 2 ravening wolves. One is Love and with it comes compassion, empathy, brotherhood, sisterhood, parenthood and the like and the other is fear and with goes hate greed envy and jealousy. Which one is stronger? Well, of course it is the one you feed.” Guess which one CBS/Paramount has been feeding as of late.

    • Silver says:

      Actually no, this is almost the exact opposite of what we need to do. We need Paramount/CBS to see that fan films are not a threat to their business, otherwise they will clamp down. They need to see that they can benefit from fan works, rather than simply starting a war where no-one wins.

  • Lance Ripplinger says:

    It would be nice if CBS would show some professional courtesy in this matter, and tell the fans why they called Tommy Kraft. Because speculation as to why he was called and asked to not make his next fan film is only going to look bad for them. I think the bottom line is this: we hope to see an amicable resolution to the Axanar lawsuit. We would also like to see CBS and Paramount embrace the fans. Surely they would get great free publicity from Star Trek fan film productions. In my opinion, they should have contests, and award people for their creativity. After all, that is something that Hollywood is sorely lacking these days. They might even find a way to use those fan film productions to promote awareness of the next big budget feature film, or make some money from selling the fan films some way. Any way that everyone wins is always a good thing. As it stands, CBS and Paramount will continue to have a bad image of corporate greed as long as they don’t embrace the fans.

  • Dirk says:

    I guess Axanar is just too good to for comfort for CBS. ????????????????????????????????

  • Philip Stephens says:

    What I don’t understand is why Paramount should be concerned about fan films that won’t have been completed before Star Trek: Beyond comes out in theatres. Honestly, how many ticket sales do Paramount think they’re going to lose this summer because there are several fan films in the works? I for one will almost certainly buy a ticket, and I’m not even a particularly big fan of the last two films (I’m mainly going to watch because Simon Pegg wrote the screenplay).

    I don’t really know what to make of the timing of this lawsuit. If CBS/Paramount decided that now was the time to start going after fan films purely out of copyright concerns, you’d think they would have given all the fan films a call, rather than just Axanar. Maybe they’re testing the waters with this lawsuit to see if its worth the time and/or money before going after the others. Ultimately, who can say what is really going on in the minds of the people at CSB/Paramount who are responsible for filing this lawsuit.

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