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Captain’s Log – May 26, 2015

By May 28, 2015 Captain's Log

Rico Anderson

Tuesday, May 26th

A busy day today as I worked on the script in the AM, tuning the scene that Rico Anderson (Star Trek: Horizon, Star Trek: Renegades) and I would do in class.  As many of you know, Richard Hatch is my acting coach.  I took my first class with Richard in 1994!  And being intimately involved with Axanar makes Richard’s class so much better because I actually get to work with Richard on Axanar scenes.  So today Rico played Admiral Ramirez in this scene and I, well, played Garth.

Richard’s big note, as always, is to play the human in the character, not the role.  He always tells the story of when he was first on Streets of San Francisco, replacing Michael Douglas of all people!  The first scene he did he was supposed to get out of the car and draw his weapon, and the Director called cut and walked over to Richard and said “Richard, you don’t have to play the cop, you are a cop, play the human being.”

It was great feedback and helped us immensely.  And it was a blast to bring Axanar to life in the stage!

The rest of the day was just working on Art Department stuff as the team keeps pumping out great stuff, and tuning the script.

Meanwhile, the Bridge continues to take shape!


Script Consultant Bill Hunt with Rob Burnett on the bridge!

That is all for now!


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