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Captain’s Log – May 25, 2015

By May 27, 2015 Captain's Log
Klingon Carlisle

Jeff Carlisle’s first Klingon Concept. A nice blend of TOS and TNG.

Sunday, May 25th  –  Memorial Day is just one more day working here at Axanar.  But since we are working on Star Trek, no one is complaining!

Rob Burnett came by today and we talked Art Department.  The work the team is doing is quite extraordinary!  Right now Alexander Richardson, Lee Quessenberry and Aaron Harvey are working on potential designs for the eye level monitors on the bridge.  We are at the point where we are trying to come up with a design aesthetic for these.

Monitor Lee May 22.15

Also, Alexander has submitted some cool design concepts for the actual controls.  We are moving away from the “jelly bean” gels and towards touch screens.  And if you tell me that that is too advanced for TOS, I will tell you that we have touch screens NOW, so that isn’t a winning argument.  Being slavish to a 50 year old vision of the future is ridiculous and just bad art direction.  We won’t look like TNG, but we will look like a different version of TOS.

Then Rob and I re-recorded my commentary for the Prelude to Axanar Blu-ray.  Rob wasn’t happy with the last one so we had to do it again.  It was the last piece of the puzzle and so it is off to Josh to author (compile) the master.  Then printing!


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  • John says:

    Alec as always your argument is right on the mark lets see some new things with the old ones!!!!

  • Alec Peters says:

    Thanks John!


  • Mark says:

    I think the art of that project is going to a right direction and all the other parts as well! Good job to everyone!

  • Doug Scott says:

    I still remember people complaining about how “modern” things looked in Enterprise when it began. I tried to convey you can’t make 40 year old (back then) sci-fi tech go anymore backward unless you added mechanical levers and analog dials all over the place for what is supposed to be ~200 years from now! I loved what they did with the NX class, I know you’ll do it great in the Axanar time-frame as well! If the sheeple complain, let’em. They don’t represent the masses – they’ll come around in about ten years and be sorry they didn’t let their selves enjoy the moment when it was happening – just like Enterprise 🙂

  • James Lytle says:

    Thank GOD on the touch screens! If it doesn’t feel real/futuristic you won’t get the masses. Thanks for the ray of hope Captain!

  • Uncle Mikey says:

    It was always my impression (like, even back in the 70s) that most of the “jellybeans” were touch controls rather than buttons, anyway (mainly because I’m pretty sure most of them were, essentially, plastic beads glued to the facing of the console and not push-buttons). Only a few specific controls were obviously push buttons (like the toggles on Kirk’s chair, where you could argue that the positive feedback of a PUSH and a CLICK makes good ergonomic sense, given that one of those buttons is, “Jettison Pod…” 🙂 )

    Beyond that, though, I’ll say that I liked _Enterprise_’s hybrid approach of mechanical-looking controls with real working flat-screen (if not touch-screen) displays, showing more than just coloured bars of light. I agree with you that even a story like this that’s intended to take place before TOS deserves an updated vision of what that period of time would be like, technologically.

  • Michael Hall says:

    Back shortly before the release of 2009’s “Star Trek7” Karl Urban extolled the film’s production design, claiming that “This is what TOS could have looked like all along, except we’re now seeing it in greater detail.” That turned out to be, well, not exactly the case–but by contrast AXANAR so far seems to be doing a great job of “keeping it real” while hewing to the original design concepts that made the old show so visually striking. I can’t wait to see how this updated “Cage-era aesthetic” looks on film.

  • Jedman67 says:

    Interesting use of Lorem Ipsum text, eh?

    • Mark Gosine says:

      Yes, I noticed the Bacon Ipsum too. I’ve used it myself at times. Funny stuff.
      Great looking art concepts.

  • Lee’s eye-level readout looks very good. Can’t wait for the final look!

  • Norman C. Lao says:

    Incredibly well hybridized and logical progression between the TOS Klingons and TMP/TNG Klingons. Maintaining the gold/black color scheme is a very smart design decision – as is keeping the iconic “bubble wrap” slanted/trapezoidal motif of the original Klingon Belt Buckle. Fantastic respect being shown to TOS while making it still look fresh and logical in the canonical progression of the design. Well done!

  • A little late to the party here, but I wanted to thank you all for the kind words on the design. Alec slips these images in here and writes the posts and I have to go back and look at them to see which one he posted! I have had a great time working on this project so far.

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