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Captain’s Log – May 24, 2015

By May 25, 2015 Captain's Log


Sunday, May 24th  –  I woke up at 7:30 and worked on the art department till Rob Burnett and Bill Hunt came over at 11:00.  It was a good morning of work as I uploaded reference work for all sorts of props, sets and costumes.  If you want to see a lot of our stuff, check out the Axanar Pinterest board.

And if you have photos that you think would be good for any of our boards, just email them to me at alec@axanarproductions.com.

The reference works help get across design themes we are looking for  We may point out design elements we like (See the Klingon Costume Reference board) or what has been done successfully, or just post concepts by our concept art team.


The ever diligent Peter Walker spearheaded our screening at Fedcon.  And although we were bumped from our schedule time due to an over-enthusiastic actor wanting to show his project instead, we still were seen and got great reviews.

Video Crew 5.24.15

Alec, Rob, Brian Hennesy and Justin Zigri, your Axanar video team


We shot the next Production Log in my apartment as we were on a tight timeline and wanted to avoid the 30 min trip up to the studio.  It went well and for the first time Brian Hennesy, a Hollywood editor/filmographer, joined the team to assist Justin Zigri, who shoots the Production Logs.


The Los Angeles Science Fiction One Act Play Festival is on now and I got to play a part in the fun Radio Drama that Producer Dave Botrell has done before (Dave played the crazy Lincoln Meyer in “Boston Legal“).  Afterwards we went out to eat and were joined by Armin Shimmerman, one of the absolute nicest people you will ever meet, and Pat Tallman of Babylon 5 who revealed there will be a B5 panel at San Diego Comic Con this year, with most of the cast!

Sci Fest

Pat Tallman and Armin Shimmerman stand to my right and Gary Graham sits in front of me.


Axanar Web Designer Aaron Harvey with Armin Shimmerman


Yeah, and today was a SUNDAY!


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