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Captain’s Log – May 23, 2015

By May 25, 2015 Captain's Log

Free Enterprise

Saturday, May 23rd  –  Today Diana and I had Brunch with Axanar Editor Robert Burnett.  Rob will be taking over the directing duties of our first scene we are filming for Axanar.  As many of you know, Rob is the writer/director of Free Enterprise, the classic Star trek geek movie.  Rob has directed TV as well and been a producer on numerous movies.  Rob is also one of the candidates for the directing job for Axanar, so this shoot will be a good test for him.

Lee Screen

While it is the first day of the Memorial Day weekend, there is work to do, so I spent time working with the Art Department, getting them all up to speed on deliverables.  This includes setting the design style for the bridge monitors.  We have some great artists working on these designs.

Terry McIntosh is handling the actual hardware for the monitors, which is quite a chore.  But he is our tech guru and has been consulting with people who do that thing for a living, so he feels good about it.

Working all weekend, so more updates tomorrow!


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  • Torsten Knodt says:

    Nice to read about such planings. I hope you don’t mind if I give some feedback from an engineers view. A note to your main battery and auxiliary battery output scopes.
    I see this error in many charts. Such systems would never have these linear changes in scopes. Either you are at a low sample rate compared to changes and see step changes or pulses or you are on a high sample rate and see exponential functions.
    Also scopes without scaling and units would never be used. If you find no-one who can help you getting realistic scaling/ unit recommendations, I suggest to just colour the lines depending on the battery or circuit load and remove the scopes.
    Regarding the schematic. I could make many assumptions about the sense, but no-one would actually work. I just demonstrate two.
    For the case the left side is DC current and after the blocks you have AC 3phase current, the blocks between both would be inverters. The batteries themselves would be unshown left to the display. Then you would not colour their state with green, blue and yellow. You use red, yellow/ orange and green with e.g. two flashing frequencies for state changes. There could also be blue and white, yes, but then they are actually not used, e.g. for maintenance. When they are in maintenance, you would not animate them further. The only animation there which would make sense would be load and a device under maintenance is switched off.
    For the case this is a power distribution for the batteries (all lines are pairs of DC connections), you would not have a scope with a single signal for all.
    I have no idea for an explanation regarding the colours for the wires. If you can answer the former questions, I could give you a hint there.
    If you have a contact to the aerospace industry, I suggest you ask them for photos or screenshots for their electrical systems and adapt the style. I guess they could also help you with realistic scalings based on the StarTrek technical manuals.

    • Terry McIntosh says:

      The short and sweet answer is that while the displays on any incarnation of Star Trek may not be technically accurate for the real world, they are meant to be entertainment and what I call a ‘shiny object’, and not a credit course in electrical or structural engineering. =P

  • lquessenberry says:

    They are duotronic, not electronic. The rules are different. LOL. 😉 In all fairness, the design you see here is as Terry said, the ‘shiny object,’ and is a rough concept as well. While we’re not allowed to share much in detail of the Art Department behind the scenes, I can assure you all that many more UI designs are being developed and discussed and things are looking great.

    I am flattered that you took that much time to dissect my panel, and I do quite understand most of everything you stated.

  • John says:

    Hey why not Mr Burnett for the JOB he loves ST and is all in with AxanarStudios, directing the full film would be right in his wheel house!!!!

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