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Captain’s Log – May 22, 2015

By May 23, 2015 Captain's Log


Thursday not a lot happened besides me working on the usual volume of emails, preproduction issues and such.  So sorry about no update.  But today was pretty cool.

San Diego Comic Con

We got a panel!  I can’t tell you what day, what time, or where, as SDCC has this rule that you can’t announce till THEY put out their program.  UGH.  But I can tell you we aren’t at the convention center itself, so you will have to walk a few blocks to get to us.

But, we will be launching our Kickstarter that week, and we will have a TON of free giveaways at our panel, so you need to stop by!

And good job to Bill Watters, our Associate Producer and Convention Director, who wrangled the panel!

Bridge Build

A lot of progress this week.  Dean climbed on the roof for this shot:

Bridge copy

Bridge copy

We are hard at work in the art department coming up with screens for the USS Ares and the rest of the ships.  Terry McIntosh is handling the hardware and software, while our art department is trying out different concept art to use as screens.  More on that tomorrow.



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