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Captain’s Log – May 20, 2015

By May 21, 2015 Captain's Log
Bridge small

The consoles from behind. This is quality workmanship!

I worked from home today as sometimes I just need solitude to get through a ton of stuff.  It never ceases to amaze me how much work there is around Axanar, with preproduction, managing the studio, prepping another Kickstarter and preparing for a performance!


Four more consoles are in the early stages.  They should be done by week’s end.  We added a third crew, Dominic, who is handling the easier things to take them off Dean and Dan’s plate.  And when Curtis (my old Propworx right hand man) comes at month’s end, he will start with finishing the consoles (filling and painting).

Bridge small

Two new consoles going up on each side of the bridge.



Star Trek Online has a lot of Axanar fans roaming around their universe.  I have been told there are a good number of ships named USS Ares, and now there is at least one named after our favorite Starfleet Admiral, Marcus Ramirez!  Check out the upper left in this screen grab.



Meanwhile, Axanar fan Russ Bain shows us the best jacket yet for showing off Axanar patches.  Of course, we aren’t crazy about the color for survival reasons…..

Russ Bain

None the less, it is quite styling!


Last night, we had rehearsals for the Sci Fest Radio Drama.  Sci Fest is the Los Angeles Science Fiction, one act play festival.  After Gary Graham (Soval), Rico Anderson (recently starred in Star Trek: Renegades), Diana and I had dinner at Amalfi, the Italian restaurant conveniently located next to the theater.  A lot of Axanar was spoken!

Sci Fest

Gary, Diana, Alec, Rico

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  • randy tesch says:

    hey alec nice job i love the fact that you are doing a new feature if you need help let me know

  • randy tesch says:

    oh by the kates still hot and a great choice for the part

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