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Captain’s Log – May 18, 2015

By May 19, 2015 Captain's Log copy

Work continues on the bridge!  The upper monitors have started and of course look great!

There is a new Fulfillment Update from Diana, which was posted on the Facebook Donor’s Group as well as sent out in a Kickstarter project update.

Carla Marie, who first volunteered for us at our Houston Con booth last year, moved to CA with her daughter and is now helping in the warehouse.  She is awesome and organizing all the patches.  When you order 60,000 patches, you need to count them and make sure you got them all!

Davis Grayson, a donor who frequents the Axanar Fan Group was at Kennedy Space Center and came across the spinning granite constellation globe:


What was very cool was the part that was facing Davis:


Yes, it is a real star!



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