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Captain’s Log – May 17, 2015

By May 18, 2015 Captain's Log


Today was another day diving through my emails and organizing my computer.  You wind up with so much information from a project like Axanar and it is critical that I keep it organized to be able to access it quickly and easily.  It sounds strange, but it took me 2 hours to clean up and organize my Axanar files.  Then Diana (who is always working for you guys answering emails and fulfilling orders) and I chatted a bit of Axanar business.

The Backerkit is ready to go, and just awaiting Diana’s review (since she is in charge of fulfillment).  Plus the Prelude Soundtrack CDs should be here in about 10 days and she will start shipping those donor packages immediately.

Then it was dinner with Diana and watching both the latest Game of Thrones, and the finale of Mad Men!  We love great TV and there is so much of it these days.

Above you see an Eric Henry concept for a Tricorder.  The buttons and dials will change a bit, but I love the utilitarian style.  No leatherette here!  It is metal and rugged.


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  • BL says:

    Aww, you dont want lots of tacky 60s leatherette in Axanar? 😀

  • Steven Shinsato says:

    A good ruggedized Tricorder. It gonna have to take a beating during the war.

  • GARY 7 says:

    Love it, and everything you all are doing.

  • Matt says:

    I was always curious (and maybe ignorantly so) as to what the circular lighted fixture was in the left center of the device? In TOS, when a close-up of the tricorder was on camera, there appeared to be a swirling pattern, but never were we given a hint as to what this may have been.

    Alec – Could you be so kind as to enlighten?

  • Harold says:

    Careful with going too analog with rotary verniers. That is too 1960’s and not very 2200. While old school for Star Trek it should still be more advanced that which we have now in our time. Not less so. I love the look, the color, the ruggedness, But it’s too bulky, too primitive for an advanced space faring civilization 200+ years ahead of us. I like that it’s not as wiz bang as the remake movies. On the right track though. Simple, rugged, not too flashy, almost subdued, but needs to look more sophisticated than the ISS. BSG had some interesting takes on this combination of advanced but not flashy, rugged but elegantly simple. They had wireless, sensors and control pads. How about a portable sensor and with a more flat panel display integrated into the unused space on the face of the tricorder? Holographic? Or heads up type display? Integrated with a combat helmet display? f22 and helicopter gunships use this technology now.
    Can’t wait to see movie….

    • Nicolas says:

      Since Axanar takes place 20 years before TOS, props should not be more advanced than the TOS ones. This design perfectly fits for instance.

  • Just make sure it’s not too similar to Apple’s icorder. They are VERY aggressive in enforcing their intellectual property rights! (I’m kidding, folks. Stop Googling “icorder”.) 🙂

  • Richard says:

    I think tricorder should look more like a smart phone. Maybe the one with flexable display/body, and do the display as a “green screen”

    • Nicolas says:

      You are thinking with current technology fashion, which will certainly differ in 200 years.
      There is an other way to see size of such items. Guessing that 23rd century technology is further miniaturized, such a massive apparatus means a potentially very powerful device compared with a smartphone sized one. It could be more versatile then serve different purposes of scenario.
      More, where would be the fanstastic if the guys of the future used the things we already have ? This would not be science-fiction anymore…

  • Ronald Malloy says:


    As a youngster I remember my start trek “kit”; a phasor, a communicator, and a tricorder…

    And of course, my star fleet shirt tag, the “swoosh”!

    Such fun was had with those things!


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