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Captain’s Log – May 16, 2015

By May 17, 2015 Captain's Log

Bridge 5.16.15

There are no weekends in making Axanar.  It seems like we are always working.  Now that isn’t a complaint.  We LOVE making Axanar and building Ares studios.  And the amazing support we get from all of you, the fans who donated to make this happen, keeps us going and fired up all the time.

Today started with a meeting with Rob Burnett.  Rob is directing the first scene, basically a test, that we are doing next month.  Can’t tell you much, but it is very cool and will help us know the quality of the work we are planning on certain scenes.  Assuming this shoot goes well and we are happy, we won’t have to re-shoot this scene in October, and it will be dropped in as the first scene of production.  As most of you know, Rob is the writer/director of “Free Enterprise” and produced the Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-rays.  You should check out Rob’s IMDB page.

Then David Gerrold stopped by to discuss one of his projects “The War Against the Chtorr” and Axanar in general.  We did a podcast with him as well, which is # 25, and it will be out in the next day or two.

Then it was back home to answer more emails, take a 90 minute walk with Diana (got to stay in shape, can’t have a Season 3 Garth!) and catch up on the DVR with the latest episodes of Arrow, Orphan Black and The Flash.  Diana and I are voracious TV watchers when it comes to all the amazing genre faire and other great shows out now.  Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Walking Dead, Homeland are all tops in our book. I also love Elementary because of the Emmy-deserving performance of Johnny Lee Miller.

BTW, trivia here.  What famous celebrity is Johnny Lee Miller related to (and I don’t mean having been Angeline Jolie’s first husband).  No cheating by using the Internet!


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  • John says:

    I can almost see the lights flashing on the consoles!

  • Dan McClintock says:

    Hope that first scene makes it onto your special features Blu-Ray disc as part of a BTS documentary — hint, hint 😉

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