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Captain’s Log – May 13, 2015

By May 13, 2015 Captain's Log


The bridge build continues!!!

Dean took this photo today.  The bridge consoles are built up to Spock’s station.  Very exciting!

In other news, I got sick yesterday, some stomach bug which laid me out last night, so I worked from home today.  Today was spent coordinating with all the department heads on what work they have been waiting on and getting that work assigned.

Part of the day I spent on finding our new director. This included chatting with Charlie Lauzrika and Rob Burnett, both of whom are close friends and have directed features.  This time around, finding a director who has directed a feature and knows the immense amount of work it takes is really important.  We actually discussed both LeVar Burton and Jonathan Frakes, but LeVar just took on the role of Executive Producer of Roots and Frakes is an in-demand TV series director.  We could never get the amount of work we need out of either, even if we could get them interested in Axanar.

Finding the right director is very situational, meaning we need a Director who can bring to Axanar the specific things Axanar needs.  And this includes 1)  A good knowledge of Star Trek  2) A strong work ethic  3) A desire to work on THIS project.

We think we will make a good choice.  And thanks to everyone for your continued faith!


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  • Sarah C says:

    Very nice, Alec. Very nice! 🙂
    (sorry you got sick though)

  • Whatever you guys decide to do for a director will be top notch I am sure! Best of luck! Bridge is shaping up nicely!

  • Steve Dixon says:

    No worries. I am sure you will find the right person for the position!

  • pat lusk says:

    I know without any doubts that Axanar will endure any obstacles it may encounter, and persevere on her journey to the stars.

  • Gregory Baskin says:

    I really appreciate reading such nuts-and-bolts, both as a Trekkie and a creative. Thank you!

  • Eric says:

    Nice update Alec. Hope you feel 100% better soon.

    Like your idea of using people who have directed Trek before. I am sure you will find someone who is as passionate, dedicated, and committed to the project as you are.

  • Michael Sherman says:

    I am sure you will find the very best humaniod for the job.

    Get well soon Alex

  • Gregory Baskin says:

    I’m delighted that, in this time of new technologies so quickly replacing the previous, that good ol’ fashioned wood is still the basis of set construction.

  • Joel says:

    These are former Star Trek series actors who also had directed. I’m excluding Levar, and Frakes because of the post. I’m no expert here, but maybe Roxanne Dawson I know she directed a couple episodes on Voyager, and a bunch on Enterprise. Robert Duncan McNeil directed some episodes of Enterprise as well. I don’t know if you would consider Tim Russ after all he’s trying to make the renegades film. Rene Auberjonois , Avery Brooks, and Patrick Stewart are others too.

    Remember these are former Star Trek actors who have directed more than two episodes. They seem to have the knowledge, and ability.

  • John says:

    Ya Avery Brooks, he is a Professor at A school here in N.J. and is a very good actor I have seen him on B-Way and meet him Twice though I’m Shure he would not remember it!

  • Loken says:

    Problem is we need someone who can dedicate MONTHS of their time to Axanar. Not an easy task.

  • Richard says:

    I got time, and need something to do. Can I be like an assistant director?

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