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Captain’s Log – March 6-8th, 2016

By March 10, 2016 Captain's Log

Rob Phoenix

Captain’s Log – March 6-8th, 2016

When we did the Axanar Indiegogo campaign, we created a new Blu-Ray for Axanar which would be a 5 disc package with:

  1.  The Prelude Blu-ray
  2. The Prelude Soundtrack
  3. The Axanar Blu-ray
  4. The Axanar Soundtrack
  5. A special 3 hour Behindthe Scenes disc.

Now this was very cool, but some people who had already pledged for the Axanar Blu-ray in the Axanar Kickstarter, wanted to upgrade their pledges.  Now that would have been a nightmare, so instead we decided to create a new Blu-ray called Axanar: Origins, which would be 4 different awesome behind the scenes features on the history and making of Axanar.  Any donor for the Blu-ray in “Axanar” can instead ask for this Blu-ray if they have also donated for the Axanar Deluxe Blu-ray in the Indiegogo.  Got that?  Confusing I know.  More on this coming.



So first up, make the Four Years War documentary!   So we left Sunday and drove 5 hours to Phoenix.  We went straight to the restaurant as we forgot there was an hour time change and so were late.  The place was called Rustler’s Roost.  There were about 8 fans in addition to John, Stephen, Frank Kraljic (our camera operator and good friend of Rob’s), Rob and me.  We all had a blast!



Stephen Fender and John Theisen

The next morning we did breakfast at IHOP.  Can’t shoot on an empty stomach!


Frank and Stephen join Rob and I for breakfast.

I then picked up Bill Watters who handled BTS (Behind the Scenes) photography and operated a camera for the shoot as well.  Bill is one of our Associate Producers and totally awesome.  He flew down from San Francisco for the day!


Stephen, Bill, Frank, John


John, Alec and Stephen


Monday night sushi with Vince!

Tuesday on the way home we stopped at a rest stop in the middle of the desert.  There was a family whose axle had broken and were stuck, so we helped them by calling AAA and getting them a tow.  We were both amazed that no one was helping them, but being big believers in The Golden Rule, we put my handy AAA card to the test!  Thankfully I had 100 mile coverage and was able to help them get towed the 57 miles to Blythe, the first town over the CA border.  Here is Rob with Isiah, the father.



And we found this when we returned the rental equipment to the video shop!

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  • Q__ says:

    Will The Four Years War documentary be included The Vulcan scene? Please! Please! Please! 😉

  • Gaius Ross says:

    Looks like you had a really fun time and well done for showing love for your fellow man 🙂

    I still don’t quite get the options with the Blu-ray though. I have the Prelude Blu-ray and Soundtrack. I also pledged for the Axanar Blu-ray. I couldn’t afford or justify (to my expenses) buying the Axanar Blu-ray set as I have already got 2 of the 5 discs already. 3 when Axanar is made (being positive). So does this mean we will get the Axanar Origins as well if we pledged for the Axanar Blu-ray, or is it a pledge more option to get the Origins?

    Also, what is the significance of ‘Tenba’?

    Keep up the good work guys.

  • Doug says:

    It’s awesome you guys were there to assist. I’ll bet you have some new Axanar fans!

  • Coolness! =D

    Axanar = Awesome! =)

    good on ya’ …for being a good trek samaritan! <3

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