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Captain’s Log – March 5th, 2017

By March 8, 2017 Captain's Log

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

One of the cool things about Axanar is the emails, messages and letters we get from fans who love Prelude to Axanar.  We have met so many fans at conventions and made so many friends, that it just reinforces that Axanar really is a community.  A community of Star Trek fans who share their love for our favorite franchise.  So what I really got a kick out of was getting Christmas cards that had Star Trek themes, from some of the amazing people we have become friends with.

So here are a couple.  If you had a Star Trek themed Christmas card, send it to me and we will post them on our Facebook page.

Becky and Jim McKeith own a farm! We love this amazing couple as they are huge animal lovers and own horses!

Tim Butcher cornered me at Vegas Con and proceeded to fan boy on me. It was so awesome (having done that to others many times). He came to our Vegas party and is truly a fun and dedicated fan.

So thank again to all our fans of every faith for sharing your love with us!


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