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Captain’s Log – March 4th, 2017

By March 5, 2017 Captain's Log

Saturday, March 5th, 2017

What you are looking at here is 3 years of financials for Axanar.  As we are just about to release our top-level financials to Axanar donors, I thought you would all be interested in what we have done.  Now, I will readily admit, that going forward, for Axanar Productions, Industry Studios, and whatever we do, we will be much better at being proactive about managing and sharing our finances with our donors.  While we feel that we have always given out more information than any other fan film about how donor money is being spent, we also know we can be much better.  That is why we will have a production accountant handle all money from crowd funding from now on from the beginning.   Our accountant told me our books were in better order than 90% of his clients, but we think that being that we owe you donors to be really smart about how we use your money, we want to be the best.

So in the photo above you see all three years of Axanar Productions finances.  The books are color coded: Orange = 2014, White = 2015, Fuscia = 2016.  The larger books have every single receipt in them.  The smaller books have all the bank statements and tax documents.

Every dollar of donor money received is accounted for (I mean, even Paypal sends you a tax document these days).  And not only is there no way to hide money when you turn over every document to your accountant, but you better not do that from the IRS, because they will find it!  And frankly, since our expenses WAY exceed our income, there is absolutely no reason to do so.

Mike Bawden is on vacation till tomorrow, when we expect to release our top-level financials and the report of the Financial review Committee with our plan for Axanar moving forward.  We are excited to share all this with you and we will continue to keep you posted every day here on my Captain’s Log as we are now officially back in pre-production!


(The photo was taken in my office where I have a lot of geek stuff.  Yes, that is one of Captain America’s screen-used shields from “The First Avenger”.)




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  • Michael Sherman says:

    I see you have 3 Eagles in the background…????????

  • John Willis says:

    The Financials have landed.. cool Eagles!

  • Martin Horowitz says:

    I am sure the big Controversy will be the color choice for 2107 financial binders.

  • Scott Voigt says:

    Thank you Alec. I for one look forward to even more information from y’all. I however have never felt like you were not giving us anything but the truth and your passion. That has always been enough for me.

    Keep up the good fight and do the best with what you have. I think we all know that whatever form it takes Axanar will be the fan film that will be used to judge all other fan film.

    I look forward to more great Trek and whatever other projects you come up with. I am sure that they will be inspired.

  • Fred Trafton says:

    Alec, have you considered doing The Battle of Axanar as a video game? It could be a Starfleet Academy Training Course, based on a real battle. You can take the roles of various starship captains on both sides to direct your fleets. The trick is, if you just let it play without interfering, it will show you the REAL Battle of Axanar, complete with cut-scenes of what the captains are saying and doing, etc. This wouldn’t have to count in your 15-minute limits because it’s a video game, not a film. There are probably other licenses to be obtained from Paramount/CBS to do a video game, but that could be negotiated as a separate entity that doesn’t have Axanar’s film restrictions. Or am I being naive?

    • Alec Peters says:

      A Video game is a big deal and we really can’t without more issues happening with CBS!


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