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Captain’s Log – March 31, 2015

By March 31, 2015 April 2nd, 2015 Captain's Log

Well, after a relatively uneventful weekend, we are back at work building Ares Studios and prepping Axanar.

This AM I recorded the intro to Podcast # 22, the Director’s Roundtable Part II with Trek.fm Supreme Overlord Christopher Jones. Rob Burnett is in Hawaii and I asked Chris to host the podcast as he did for the first 15 or so episodes. Being that Chris lives in Japan it meant that he recorded at 11 at night while it was 7am here in L.A.! You will love this podcast as Rob, Christian, Charlie and I get geeky and talk about what it means to be a modern geek.

Axanar PR Director Mike Bawden, Associate producer Bill Watters and I have set up an Axanar Kickstarter Summit the weekend after Wonder Con. Mike is flying out from the Midwest and he and I will be meeting and planning our big Kickstarter launch, which we are planning for June. Bill is in San Francisco, and Terry McIntosh is in Seattle and they will both video conference with us along with Morey Altman, our Director of PR (International) who focuses on mainstream media. So expect to see a lot of discussion over the next few weeks about what we are thinking and asking for feedback. We are planning launch events all over the country and we will tell you now, we are planning a day one goal of $ 250,000, which if every current donors helps out on, we should easily do. And yes, there will be an official “Starfleet Rapid Response Team” patch for all Day One Donors!

And this weekend is Wonder Con! We have two brand new pieces of swag we will share with you tomorrow, including a limited edition T-shirt of which we are only making 100 and something else rather cool.


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