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Captain’s Log – March 25-27th, 2016

By March 28, 2016 Captain's Log


Friday -Sunday, March 25-27th, 2016

Wondercon is the smaller convention put on by the same people who do San Diego Comic Con.  Being that it was in Los Angeles, we all hung out for three days at the con. Now last year we had one of our most successful booths ever at Wondercon when it was in Anaheim.  But this year, because of the lawsuit, we decided not to have a booth to keep a lower profile.  But we still all showed up because, well, we are all geeks!  And all our friends were there.

It all started out on Friday with Richard Hatch’s Battlestar Galactica panel.  Richard had invited Rob and I, and added our photographer extraordinaire Mary Anne Butler, to join him on the panel.  It was a good time and we had a few hundred people in the audience.


Mary Anne, Rob and Richard during the BSG panel!


The BSG panel. Mary Anne, Rob, Richard and Alec

After the panel we had our “Axanar Hallway Panel” where we hung out and met some awesome Axanar fans.


Axanar Fans Jenna and David with Alec after the BSG panel!


Steven Shinsato made custom Axanar M&Ms for everyone!

Then , we all went to lunch!


Mary Anne, Crysstal, Alec, Rob, Kevin Rubio, Steven Shinsato and Thomas Von Buettner

Our waiter Guillermo took our group photo and asked what the signs were that people were making.  I told him it was a gang symbol for middle aged white men.  He almost fell over laughing.


Rob gets into his flaming Margarita!

And at night we went out for Mary Anne’s birthday!


Bill Watters, Mary Anne Butler and Richard Hatch

So not a lot of Axanar work at this con, but when you have such a big con in your home town, everyone turns out.  And it was a blast.

This week some big legal happenings!


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