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Captain’s Log – March 19, 2015

By March 19, 2015 April 2nd, 2015 Captain's Log

The warehouse floor is finished! Curtis and Dean are all done and it looks great. (Photos to come today). Next project: Creating huge “elephant” doors to cover the loading dock doors, of which we have two. This is essential for sound deadening. It is about $ 9,000 we didn’t plan to spend. But we are doing this right, and everything has cost more than we expected. But then again, everyone is impressed how professional we are doing everything. We want this to be the long term home of Axanar Productions. Axanar is just the beginning.

I also had a meeting with April Eden, an industry friend who is also a huge Star Trek fan. April shares the same amazing acting coach, Ted Brunetti. April also has her own project, Fan Girl Academy, where she makes videos, both instructional and narrative, about geekdom, the film industry and such. April has a wide skill set as a producer/production coordinator and I put her in touch with Mike DeMerrit for a phone interview.

I went down to Santa Clarita building and safety to meet with both the Building and Safety and Fire departments. I have to say, getting a warehouse to be changed to a film sound stage is a HUGE undertaking! We are working away, but it is more expensive and WAY more time than anticipated. We will get it done, but going by the book means a lot of work. Right now I am writing a letter for teh architect to show the city how much parking we will need.

New Patches

BTW we are awaiting the new patches from the last Kickstarter. More on this later!

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