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Captain’s Log – March 16, 2015

By March 16, 2015 April 2nd, 2015 Captain's Log

Script Day! Finally, Christian and I got together and put the script to bed. This doesn’t mean it is finished, just close enough that all characters, scenes, sets and such are locked. Dialogue will change, especially in Act 4, which some major changes were made to. But now ace line producer Michael DeMerrit (an 11 year veteran of Star Trek Voyager and Enterprise) will start breaking the script down and budgeting it out. We hope to have this done by next Thursday for the most part.

This is a big event in the life of Axanar. Also, Christian and I agreed that we will be putting all of our effort into finishing the sets for the next Kickstarter as we plan on shooting in October.

Meanwhile, the progress on the stage floor is impressive.

Floor 3.16.15

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