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Captain’s Log – June 6, 2015

By June 7, 2015 Captain's Log


Saturday, June 6, 2015

I hate to lead off with something non-Axanar, but today Diana dragged me to Cat-Con!  Yeah, I know, what can I say?   But seriously, Diana has the fluffiest cat you have ever seen, named Boomer (yes after the original BSG Boomer).  And he is pretty cute and so Diana bought us tickets to go to this event and hunt for some cool stuff for her boycat.  It was actually pretty cool, and we met Axanar consultant Bill Hunt and his wife there.  Diana already has Starfleet tunics for Boomer. (I am sure there are photos coming).

Fender 6.6.15

Right after I headed up to the studio to meet Stephen Fender, the author of The Four Years War books.  The books are based on the FASA role playing game and not Axanar, but none the less Stephen is a huge Star Trek fan and does great work.  Here he is admiring the ongoing work on the bridge.

Speaking of which, Dean and team started on the lights above the consoles and the ceiling of the turbolift…





– Alec


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  • Phil Cooper says:

    Nice to know that starship captains get dragged along to stuff by their partners just like the rest of us!

  • …the viewscreen looks MUCH bigger with Stephen standing next to it! (NICE!) =D

    Thank you, Alec! …for taking us “behind the scenes” every step of the way! (AWESOME!) =D

    SO COOL to see your universe being built, piece by piece… KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

    AXANAR RULES!!! <3

  • Just like to send out a HUGE ‘thank you’ to Alec for taking an hour to meet up with me. We discussed all-things Trek, from my own series of novels to the future of Axanar. This is one guy who knows his Trek and what it takes to make it work. I think everyone is going to be blown away by what he and his team are producing.

  • Jerry says:

    This post reminded me of Data’s Spot. It’s no doubt a fantasy doomed to disappointment but I could not help myself thinking about a possibly humorous moment in Axanar with a cat involved somehow.

  • Steve Dixon says:

    Can’t wait to see the bridge in all its completed glory!

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