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Captain’s Log – June 5, 2015

By June 6, 2015 Captain's Log

Art Director Jerry Sonnenberg, Line Producer Mike Demeritt, Construction Coordinator Dean Newberry and Line Producer April Eden.

Friday, June 5,2015

Today was a busy day as we had a 10:00am meeting with April Eden, who will be line producing the first shoot, which is scheduled for June 13th.  April, Rob and I discussed everything we will need for the shoot, from costumes, to make-up to craft services to parking!  April is a big geek herself and a huge Star trek fan.  We are happy to have her on board.

At 11:00 new art director Jerry Sonnenberg came by and we walked the bridge and talked about how the bridge monitors will work, and how the consoles will be lighted.  Jerry knows all the latest about the right type of plexi, and how now you print right on the plexi and don’t have to use transparencies or paper on the back of the plexi as they did in Next Generation.

The bridge construction crew is now at 6!  Finishing the bridge is the order of the day, so it is puttying and sanding that is taking most of the time, while Dean works on raising the upper light fixtures.


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