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Captain’s Log – June 4, 2015

By June 5, 2015 Captain's Log


Today I spoke with April Eden, a fellow actor at the Ted Brunetti Studio and the creator of Fan Girl Academy.  April works as a producer in the commercial world, and will be line producing our one day shoot here next week.  Having a well organized person running the back end of a shoot is really important and April will do a great job I am sure.

My car battery sadly died, postponing a meeting I had and wasting 3 hours of my time.  Thankfully Diana came back from the studio to help bail me out and get a new battery.  SO once that was in place it was off to work out with my trainer Sophia (who was the stunt woman for the pink Power Ranger for years) and then to the studio to see the Bridge set in all its complete 360 degree glory!

Please note we are still seeking bloggers, so send an email to me at alec at axanarproductions dot com or MAB at axanarproductions dot com.  We would love to have fans contributing.

And if you want to represent us at a convention or event, let us know that too!  Bill Watters handles that and he is reachable at bill at axanarproductions dot com.

Meanwhile, more pics of the bridge!

Bridge small

And there is an emergency door!

Bridge small

More tomorrow as we have a big Art department meeting today!

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  • John Edgeworth says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I always thought they need an emergency door but did not have it because of the budget. In my mind,
    I made sure they had escape ladders, going down and opening in the ceiling of the deck below, silly but workable in my mind.

  • Duane Bruner says:


    Me too! But the door works well.

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