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Captain’s Log – June 3, 2015

By June 4, 2015 Captain's Log


Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

I flew home today after 3 days with my godsons and family in Florida.  I love being with them all, but it always means I fall behind with work.  Instead of sleeping on the plane, which I really needed to do, I used the in-flight wifi and worked for the entire 5 hours.  I did watch “Wild Card” with Jason Statham (Pretty typical Statham fare) and Jupiter Ascending (ugh, don’t get me started) as background while I worked.

6.3.15 Meeting

Alec, Milton Santiago, Rob Burnett

When I got home at 1, I had to prep for a meeting with Rob Burnett, who is directing the scene we shoot next week, and Milton Santiago, the DP.  We had an awesome 2 hour meeting, and I have to say, Rob and Milton were really well prepared.  The shoot is a page and a half, and will be the first Axanar footage we shoot.  It is basically a dry run for everyone and everything.  More to come on this…

Finally the bridge is now 360 degrees!  Today the viewscreen was finished and here are some photos.




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  • James High says:

    Who would have thought that USB board would still the preferred starship construction material in the 23rd century?

    • David L says:

      Sorry,that would be OSB for ( oriented strand board.) But just watched “Prelude to Axanar” and as a life long trek fan, I loved it. I am amazed at all the trek projects these days. Thanks to all who made this project happen.

  • Ben Sarles says:

    How big was the main screen on the TOS Enterprise? It always seemed like it took up a quarter of the bridge walls. I know this ship comes in some time between the NX-01 and Constitution class, I was just wondering for comparison sake.

    • EC Henry says:

      It looks like it’s exactly the same size as the TOS screen, as I think they’re building this set to TOS specs (plus the door added in the animated series).

  • Robert flatters says:

    view screen could be slightly bigger, but apart from that, great looking great

  • BL says:

    This is going to look awesome soon!

  • Eric says:

    Is Rob directing Axanar now?

  • Scott Voigt says:

    I think that was a little Hollywood perspective when it “appeared” that the view screen was bigger. If you do a pull back it will look this size, but most of the time they wanted to show you something on the view screen, it was zoomed in.

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