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Captain’s Log – June 24, 2015

By June 25, 2015 Captain's Log

So you wonder what Diana does all day! She stuffs boxes and sends out swag to our loyal donors!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Damn, can I PLEASE have 12 more hours in the day?  Because I simply can’t get enough done!

Today Rob and I had a wonderful meeting with a guy named Max Gasparri, a brilliant technical producer who worked at Warner Brothers for 14 years.  He and Rob spoke the same language (and I am not talking Max’s native Italian, but total entertainment technical geek speak).  It was a great meeting and who knows where it could lead, but Max and I had the same spinning coach, Kimball Theoret (a fantastic producer in her own right) and so she put us together.  I always believe you put smart people together and let them figure out how they can work together to do great things (creating good chaos Kimball says)!

I also had a call with Steelbook, about our special edition Blu-Ray package for the next fundraising campaign.  If you know what a Steelbook is, they are the premier Blu-ray packaging, and yes, made out of metal!  Cool stuff.  Problem is they need a big minimum order, so we may not be able to make it.  We will see!

Also, I was on the Geek Speak Podcast.  It was their pre-Comic Con special.

Today also marks the first time I am actually a meme!


HA HA HA   I love you guys!


Director’s Update:

Today, five more slices of Richter Dilithium awesome dropped into the Google drive, straight from across the pond, somewhere from W.O.P.R. inside of The Lightworks in Germany. Of these, we received two 50/50 shots, where our characters are walking straight toward us as the camera tracks back with them, with the beautiful Shi’Kahr cityscape behind them. I was a bit worried about these shots, because I wondered if the perspective would look correct. Would the audience believe our characters really are taking an afternoon stroll in the late afternoon Vulcan sun?

Who am I kidding…? This is Tobias Richter we’re talking about. Like Orson Welles used to say about himself, “He will send no VFX shots before their time.” Just BEAUTIFUL compositing. Very excited to cut all this in. Tobias only has six more composite shots to deliver, including legendary shot number 5, the establishing shot, with our characters composited inside it… the most difficult of the bunch. However, I have as much confidence in Mr. Richter as Admiral Kirk had of Lt. Ilia. The utmost.

We are in full fulfillment mode at Axanar.  OK, I admit it, DIANA is in full fulfillment mode.



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