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Captain’s Log – June 20/21, 2015

By June 22, 2015 Captain's Log

A working weekend for all!  The lovely and dedicated Diana Kingsbury decided she needed to make up for 3 days working from home by sacrificing her weekend in order to ship out Soundtrack CDs to Prelude Donors.  Diana is a full time employee, because fulfillment and donor support is a full time job with 10,000 donors.  And Diana puts in 60 hour weeks minimum!

Meanwhile, Saturday was also an in-office work day for me, as I try to keep my head above the work pile.


Rob, Alec and Bill with Boomer, Diana’s cat. (He really was happy!)

Sunday saw Bill Hunt and I work on the script.  Bill Hunt, knowing that we have a deadline for a fully locked script in two weeks, knocked out a full revision of the first two acts in two days!  And Rob was very happy with Bill’s work (amazing what you can do when you are excited about a project!).

From Rob:

After watching Alec and Bill Hunt work on the AXANAR screenplay, I returned to the edit bay hoping I’d received some new VFX magic from Tobias. Of course, it IS Sunday after all…and even in Germany, they take Sundays off. So, this coming week I’ll expect to be receiving shots which exceed 9.9 on the Richter scale!

However, Composer Alex Bornstein doesn’t let Sundays stop him and he was recording live “Ethnic Winds” for the Vulcan scene’s score. He’d told us he wanted to record some live playing by musicians for the piece, which will only bring greater authenticity to what’s already a fantastic piece of music. I can’t wait to hear the finished product!

Thanks for your support everyone!


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