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Captain’s Log – June 10, 2015

By June 11, 2015 Captain's Log

A lot of work is going into this weekend’s shoot, which is the first day of production for Axanar.  The preparations are quite simply amazing.  Rob Burnett is working hard with Milton, our DP and Tobias our VFX guru.  What’s amazing is how hard Rob is working, which you absolutely have to do when you are directing a feature.  There is simply no way you can not be a workaholic and be successful.

We had to get a production sound mixer for the shoot this weekend.  Thanks to Jesse Akins, who handled the boom mic for us on Prelude and also did dialogue editing in post, we got a good one.

Milton Santiago, our DP, got one of his friends who worked on Avatar to be our VFX Supervisor for the shoot.  When shooting green screen it is always good to have an experienced VFX sup, and Adam Howard, who did it on Prelude, is unavailable.

This shoot will be the first scene we shoot on Axanar and the footage will be shown in our Kickstarter next month, so we want to make sure it is awesome for a lot of reasons.  Most importantly it will show how well we are able to work together and if we can now do for a narrative film, what we did in documentary form.

We think we will kick ass…


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  • Richard & Rhonda says:

    I’m sure thousands read these every day but just don’t leave comments…just like us. Greetings from Perth (australia)
    ps: can’t wait..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • …from what i’ve seen so far, i have NO DOUBT that you guys will KICK @$$!! =D

    …keep up the great work! <3

  • John says:

    My vote is still with Mr. Burnett for the whole movie!!!!! Just one man’s opinion !!!!!

  • Jake says:

    I kind of wish you guys would do another documentary-style film as well. Prelude was a stroke of genius and a fantastic storytelling format for the Trek universe

  • Jedman67 says:

    I second Jake on that. Make another documentary for those who have seen the full feature. It was the only trek fan-film that did not “feel” like a fan-film to me.

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