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Captain’s Log – July 5th, 2015

By July 6, 2015 Captain's Log

Bill, Alec, Rob, Charlie

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

No rest for the weary!  The Axanar mafia showed up at 11:00 am today to tackle the Indiegogo video.  And what was the first thing we did?  Well, go have Sunday Brunch at Marie Callender’s!  Well, after that, it was all work for the team, as Diana tried to get ahead on her shipping and donor support, Charlie and Rob and I shot some great stuff on the bridge, and Bill Hunt worked on the script with me.

After that it was home for more work, and Diana and I spent all evening (after another fine Diana meal and an episode of The Wire), working on the perks for the Indeigogo.

We are exhausted.  Good news is the final cut of the first scene of Axanar is AMAZING!

Yes, I am a tease.  You can wait till Wednsday donors…


P.S.  Thanks to Diana for taking the above photo!!

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  • John says:

    No WE CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott Voigt says:

    So, question of the hour… What hour does the Indeigogo start? Some folks may feel the need to get to some of the perks the quickest … I am going to assume that the times will be west coast time…

    All the best in this fund raiser….

  • Chadwick Adams says:

    Not sure if Bill is Canadian but I love his Canadian Air Force Shirt. Represent the Great White North!

  • Tony Robinson says:

    Hey Guys! Please accept my very best wishes for success on the launch of your latest crowdfunding venture today. LLAP!

  • Brett says:

    keep Up the Great work!!!

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