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Captain’s Log – July 30th, 2015

By August 1, 2015 Captain's Log

STARmageddon_circle_300Co-hosts Dan Taylor and Michael May of the Starmageddon Podcast interviewed Rob and I today.  These were some fun guys and I think it was a good show.  Hopefully they edit out Rob getting into and out of his car!  (Use the damn MUTE button Rob!).  We love doing podcasts and this was another fun romp.


Meanwhile, Axanar artist Brendon Goodyear produced another amazing USS Ares TOS mash-up.  I LOVE this one!

Lot of work today as Bill Hunt came over and we worked on Act 4.  Bill came on as co-writer last month, and has, in 30 days, completely updated the script.  He gets hard work and did the re-write even though he has a full time job managing The Digital Bits, the # 1 website for Bl-ray and DVD reviews and information.  Amazing what you can do when you actually put the effort in.

Bill and I got through all but 12 pages of the script, and I will finish that tomorrow and by the end of the weekend we will have a locked script.

It’s about time!




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  • John says:

    Big step Locking the script! Now we need the $$$ to go with it.

  • Awesome mesh! I also thoroughly enjoyed the teaser about the Vulcan Decision to leave the Federation. I’ll keep on making monthly contributions so we can all enjoy the entire movie more quickly.

  • John Willis says:

    Tangential Teaser.. There’s an Anthology of stories regarding the ‘Path Not Taken’ called [Infinity’s Prism] which is a three book set from a few years ago, first story is based on what would have happened had Vulcan suceded from the Collalition of Planets “before” the rise of the Federation. I’ll leave the plot details at that, but its worth a read. What drew me to the books was I happened to notice William Schallert (93 years old) is still alive (he played Nilz Baris in the Trouble with Tribbles) the final story in the final book is what would have happened if he had delivered the poisoned grain to Shermans planet and later became the President of the Federation of Planets.

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