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Captain’s Log – July 29th, 2015

By July 31, 2015 Captain's Log


While we had to record two podcasts today, the big news was my conversation with European Astronaut Samantha Cristoferetti.  Our NASA connection David Alexander, a NASA flight surgeon, who handles ISS astronauts, told me that not only is Samantha a huge Star Trek fan, as evidenced by her wearing a Star Trek Voyager uniform on the ISS, but she is an Axanar fan!

So I called Samantha and we chatted about her appearing in Axanar.  As long as we can work out her schedule (as she will have to fly back from Europe), so would love to have a role in Axanar.


Mae Jamison and LeVar Burton in TNG

There are a few US astronauts who have appeared in Star Trek, most notably, Mae Jamison.  But Samantha will be the first European astronaut to appear on Star Trek.  We are awaiting clearances from NASA and the ESA.  Stay tuned…..


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  • T'Mar says:

    Ach so. Dieses Bild daoben hab ich schon oft bei Star Trek gesehen.

    English: yes. This picture I have see earlier above on Star Trek.

  • Scott Voigt says:

    Excellent work gentlemen (and lady).

  • brianjohanson says:

    Just shows how Trek of all forms ( not just TOS or TNG) has and is affecting our future. It’ll way cool to see her in AX.

  • John Willis says:

    Yes.. I thought I saw a slight ressemblence to one Captain Kathryn Janeway. The character wouldn’t be crossing paths with a fellow named Finnegan.. now would she?

  • Rui Rosenthal says:

    Really I hope Samantha will Log in Axanar!!

  • Mark Rushton says:

    🙂 Alec, that makes me very happy. And imagine – A woman who was strapped to a massive rocket, launched into space, and spent weeks looking down on us from the heavens…. she’s thrilled to potentially be a part of Axanar. Now that, ladies & gentlemen, is a true fan!

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