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Captain’s Log – July 17th, 2015

By July 19, 2015 Captain's Log


We got nominated for the Geekie Awards in the Best Short Film category.  More info on their website.

Rob and I finished off Podcast # 29, which features a Richard Hatch interview!  Expect that to land any day now.

We also have a hefty schedule of about 10 podcasts this coming week on all sorts of Sci Fi and Star Trek podcasts.

SDCC 2015.15

Dave Dorman is making the official Axanar movie poster.  If you don’t know Dave, he is one of the top Star Wars artists out there.  A true old school painter and the nicest guy.  The digital version has been added to the $ 25 perk level on our Indiegogo campaign.  So everyone who donates $ 25 or more gets it!  A print version will be offered later.


Ares Digital is in the final stages of being tested.  We hope to launch next week, so all Axanar Kickstarter donors will get to register their current info and start getting digital perks as they are ready.

I am truly excited about this especially as it opens up a whole new world for Axanar Productions.



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  • John says:

    Hey guys, I’m just a little fearful that we’re not getting the support we need at the IndeGoGo fund raiser!?! Pleas tell me that I’m over reacting?

    • Alec Peters says:

      Oh we definitely aren’t where we need to be, but we have some plans in the works.

  • BL says:

    Who thought of the name Ares Digital? It’s really great

  • Chadwick Adams says:

    Congrats on another nomination!

  • Brian Heite says:

    Congragulations to you all for your great work. I am sure you will need the large economy sized award cabinet before we are done. You should also get nominated for a Hugo!

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