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Captain’s Log – July 16th, 2015

By July 19, 2015 Captain's Log

IMG_7870 small

Diana shows off the award for Best of Show at the Indiefest Film Festival! A nice addition to our collection of film festival awards.

Today was my first day back to working out in 10 days after SDCC and getting the flu.  Legs and back and I am sure I am going to feel this tomorrow!  Still not 100%, but man, it is good to be back in the gym, having my stunt coordinator, Sophia Crawford, kick my ass.

Rob and I did a great podcast, the Computer Talk Radio Nerdcast.  Lots of Axanar goodness with Keith Sedor (a huge Star Trek geek) and Benjamin Rockwell.

Thanks for your support!


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  • BL says:

    How on earth do you find the time to work out? at all?

  • Cliff B says:

    That’s not the Indiefest Film Festival award! It’s the Diana Kingsbury is Absolutely Amazing award!!! Way to go Diana!!! You deserve a parade too!! In the name of all that is Axanar, keep up the great job you do!!! And stop confusing awards, Alec! Feel better!!

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