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Captain’s Log – Jan. 8th, 2016

By January 10, 2016 Captain's Log

Friday, Jan. 8th, 2016

What a day!  It started with a visit from one of my favriote authors, Graham McNeil, one of the best known authors for The Black Library, the publishing arm of Games Workshop, which make sthe miniature wargame Warhammer 40,000.  Graham wrote my favorite novel in the Horus Heresy series, A Thousand Sons.ATS

Now A Thousand Sons was an important book for me as it really helps inform how we write Klingons.  In the novel, the Space Marine legion known as The Thousand Sons are not just warriors, but educated scholars.  Some are poets and some vintners.  They have depth and scope.  And this was really important in writing Kharn and our Klingons.

So Graham is a Star Trek and and loves Axanar and may well be writing one of the short stories in The Four Years War Anthology.

After this we had a staff meeting and talked about everything happening and we had an absolute hysterical lunch.  We came up with an idea so funny we couldn’t stop laughing.  What is it?  Well, it is a surprise.

Meanwhile our green scree is finished!  And it is truly amazing. Almost 60′ long on one wall and 40′ on another, x 20′ high. copy

And meanwhile, another Film Festival Award!

Someone complained when we post about our film festival wins.  Geez.

Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend!
Alec Peters

Executive Producer

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  • Alessandro angeli says:

    Complaining about axanar winning this many awards? Geez…. its a shame there is so much jealousy out there. Its only an other fact to show the world that so many people like what axanar is doing… and that so many want to see more. It also should be a very good way to show all apposing axanar for some stupid reasen that the many outweigh the few and axanar should be made. Keep up the good work Alex… and the rest of the axanar team and crew.

  • Milan R Hatch says:

    Must be someone from CBS/Paramount!

  • Stephen Cole says:

    Wear those wins like badges!

  • M K Roberts says:

    Unfortunately, those wins probably helped scare CBS into filing the lawsuit.

  • James says:

    Today some guy who is pretty vocal on twitter about how Axanar deserves…. You know… Started spamming me because I am pretty outspoken supporting Axanar. Geez, some people. #IStandWithAxanar!!

  • Old Rascal T. says:

    Maybe we, as fans, friends, and supporters of Axanar and what it means to us, should organize to help Axanar hire appropriate legal help and/or organize carpools to protest outside of CBS’s headquarters and the courts when/if there’s a trial, give them our SUPPORT instead of guessing and analyzing the motives on either side. To me, even though I’m a lurker and rarely offer my opinion due to the time constraints of owning a small business in a small mountain town in Colorado and having two kids to go along with that, and two nephews that we help out with regularly… to me, Star Trek is family in a way. I grew up wearing solid color T-shirts with white A-necks over them and having my SACRED pins that I got on the RARE occasions I was lucky enough to go to conventions when I was a kid. As I grew up, the people I met who shared this odd passion became instant friends, some of whom I’ve been friends with for DECADES… because of Star Trek. And when something means that much to you, it doesn’t matter how they got jacked up, who’s fault it was, or how bad it is, the first thing you do is RAISE THE SHIELDS. It’s damage control time. Do what you know how to do, in real life. I’m a poor sign maker, but if you need me to make a sign for the cause, I’ll give you the best price I can, because I can help in that way. Some of you guys are really opinionated on here, but the big picture is Axanar is something we’ve come to accept as a part of this weird Trekkie family, and our first reaction to any of this, if you’re a part of that family, is to do what you can in your own diverse, unique, and supportive way, and help these guys who are growing the family create something magnificent that we want to see succeed. However that falls legally is between the Axanar people, the CBS people, and their legal staff, who we HAVE to believe are going to be honest people who understand the law, understand both sides, and can find everyone involved a way through that makes everyone as happy as possible. However we can help, help. If you have extra money, send it to them so they can do the research and find the best representation they can. If they need help, they’ll tell us! They may need a letter writing campaign or a phone campaign or a petition or just supporters. They need money. You never know what else they’ll need. Maybe they need a website, maybe they need some screen printing done up, maybe they need someone to help them movie heavy shit around their lot from site to site or hold an umbrella in the desert for a few days… I have no idea how it works, but the point is, we all have talents, and we all have opinions. Only one of those is useful… most of the time. Hopefully I struck gold and someone reading this knows how to make people rich. 😉

    Either way, Axanar people, I was just catching up today, I found myself with a few spare minutes, a rarity, and just read about some of the craziness… led me to the page, which I surfed, read a few articles and comments, and I have to say, having caught up, you guys have done an INCREDIBLE job so far. Seeing how the bridge set is turning out, the green screen… I know absolutely NOTHING about how that works. The closest I can honestly say I’ve been to that is community theatre, helping build and strike sets & what-not. It was always a fun time. It’d be beyond my wildest dreams to be a part of something that insane. I think I’d get overwhelmed and freak out after about a week! But seeing the detail you’re putting into it, the respect for BOTH canon and what’s real in 2016… it’s a fine line, and you seem to be the best at walking that line that anyone’s seen in a long time. You’ve obviously drawn yourself a very passionate fan base, a very human bunch of people, and I’d gladly and humbly consider myself to be a part of it. I feel like the movies have drifted away from the roots of what Star Trek really is, even though, in their own way, they are SPECTACULAR… watching the Prelude to Axanar was the closest I’ve felt to being a kid and waiting all goddamn summer for Best of Both Worlds Part II to come out. I’ve been through an awful lot of crazy, difficult, bizzare, and simultaneously beautiful and bittersweet things in the past decade, and so when I say that, it’s not a small compliment by any means.

    Congratulations on all of your awards, everyone involved. I wish you the best, whether it’s by joining forces with CBS or going into this prepared for ramming speed!

    And fans, congratulate yourselves, too. Without your support, in whatever way, even if it is with an incredibly long and wordy opinion, Axanar wouldn’t be where it is at all, it wouldn’t be something that was even on CBS’s radar, and would have no more meaning than me pretending that the water heater and the furnace in the ugly, dank room in the house where I grew up was the warp corps to the Enterprise. It means a hell of a lot to me, but nobody else gets it. They have a gift they shared with us all. We’re family.

    Now that I’ve said my piece, I’m going back to being the weird ginger uncle who hides from the internet and works for the other family, because right now, my friends, I don’t have the luxury of time or emotional wits about me at the time with the constraints of real life on my other family, and I think I can be more use to them then I can to anyone on here, realistically. And I’m okay with that. I have good things going on. But honestly, strangers, I do wish you the best, and I honestly hope that, at some point, I can do more than that. But, sometimes, that’s enough.

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