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Captain’s Log – Jan. 5th, 2016

By January 8, 2016 Captain's Log

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Tuesday, Jan. 5th, 2016 – Haters gonna Hate

Well, I have to say, Facebook is an endless source of entertainment.  Today we got greeted with a hater’s group. These are people with nothing better to do than attack Axanar.  Oh, even a couple of people from another fan film joined the group.  Some of those haters are people who got banned for rude behavior on the Axanar Fan Group, so we can understand why they are mad.  And my stalker is on that group, which I guess shows you

We posted this photo of the lunch we had the day we got served with the lawsuit to show you all that we were keeping our spirits up.  Not celebrating certainly, but we weren’t going to let CBS get us down and we were going to stay strong for YOU, our donors, who were counting on us!

Haters took to Facebook, one claiming we held a “massive party” that Axanar donors got stuck with the bill for.  Well, 8 people is not massive, and everyone paid their way I can assure you.  But this is the bullshit we have to deal from haters.  And haters who aren’t even donors!  I mean, don’t you guys have anything better to do?  Geez. in the words of our favorite captain, “Get a Life!”.

Oh yeah, it inspired this meme, which is hilarious….

Meme # 2

ha ha ha

But in serious news, today we discussed many ways we can proceed with Axanar and I had another conversation with the law firm that is considering representing us pro-bono.  It is a major firm with a big IP department.  We are pretty excited as they like our case a lot.

So stay positive Axanerds!  We are going to continue to keep you all posted on what is happening as we can.  Just understand there is much we can’t talk about at this point.

Alec Peters
Executive Producer.

Spock Haters

Join the discussion 3 Comments

  • …these people (Axa-haters) really do suck [shakes head in disgust] [feh!] =P

    …thanks for letting us know what u can! =)

    keep up the great work & stay strong, you guys!

  • Scott says:

    Best way to deal with haters is: ignore them when possible, ban them when necessary, and attempt to correct misinformation before it spreads.

    Looking forward to Axanar with great excitement! ^_^

  • Micheal Szynalski says:

    I suspect that all those haters are Romulan spies from CBS. How can anyone hate the people who have given their own time and creative resources to produce a high quality fan base Star Trek series? It is highly illogical as Mr Spock would confirm this. These haters are certainly not Trekkies or Star Trek fans.

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