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Captain’s Log – Jan. 4th, 2016

By January 5, 2016 Captain's Log

Class-Action-LawsuitsMonday, January 4th, 2016

Well, today was the first full day back and much was dealing with lawyers.  One of the things all the arm chair lawyers on Facebook don’t seem to get, is that a legal case is much more than what is in the complaint.  People were all claiming they knew why CBS was suing Axanar.

We were too big!

We were making to much money!

We were paying crazy salaries to employees!

We are too good and Paramount is scared!

I could go on.  But the point is no one knows and no one bothered to read the complaint, which says none of that.

We won’t be commenting much on the legal case as we are in discussions to settle the situation.  What I can say is that all those arm chair lawyers have absolutely no clue what is going on in those discussions.  And no clue what CBS and Paramount thinks.

We hope to amicably resolve the situation in a way that benefits CBS, Paramount, Axanar and all fan films.

Alec Peters

Executive Producers

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  • Mark Heber says:

    That sounds like a positive to me.

  • Paul Griffin says:

    The truth aside un-informed speculation is much more fun but potentially damaging to the real issues..

  • …sounds good! hope it works!

    …we’ll be prayin’ for ya’! 😉

  • Joshua Chandler says:

    That’s good. On a completely unrelated note, would a documentary On the earth-romulan war be a possible future project?

  • Brian Heite says:

    Excellent post Alec. There is an urge in our world today to get to the 30 second answer, and as you pointed out, you have to start with the complaint. I think a lot of people want Axanar so much that the mere threat of it not happening makes them very upset, especially those who did not buy into the Paramount reboot. Good luck in negotiations, it seems there are several win-win scenarios open in this case, and it may help define future limits and rules as well. Thank you.

  • Cutis says:

    This may shock people but I did get my hands a copy of the CBS claim. Can Axanar post a link to there deal with CBS. If there is a link to this person is blind and can not find it. I am sure CBS will change there mind. Burning bridges is all CBS is doing right now. To use a old term they should Bury the hatchet. It is in everyone’s best interest to make peace. I would like to see more stuff done from Axanar.

  • Tony Robinson says:

    ..ain’t that the truth! Well put Mr Peters!

  • Claude says:

    Hi everybody and Happy New year 2016.

    Sincerly I am very surprise of this attitude CBS and Paramount, I think that this company’s smell business.
    I am sure that Alec will find the good key, but we have only two solutions:
    CBS + Paramount will block the project but the fans of Star Trek we NEVER forget this attitude and the image
    of this company’s will be destroy. You can’t do nothing and after 1 year of discussion, teaser, etc… you block the
    project just for poor reasons.
    CBS + Paramount will accept the project with a special white card and the company’s will open way for new movies.
    The second choice are a new way for movie and business for every one – in or out.


    • Harlingen Greenstein says:

      The other choice is that you obviously talented people go out and do something original and creative. Like Gene did. Rather than just trying to cash in on the fans like the studios you feel you are distinct from.
      Do something that YOU will be remembered for. However great your movie is, it is still the creation of Gene Roddenberry. And you would never have raised all this money if it wasn’t for Gene’s originally and creativity.

  • Randall Watson says:

    I won’t speculate, I have read the complaint, and as I have said on Facebook many times, “Alec is the man on this, let him and his legal team do what they do best” I am fully confident the law is on the side of Axanar. I look forward to great things in the very near future from Axanar!

  • Allen Wade says:

    Well said sir, you guys are professional all the way and I have all the confidence you are well represented on the legal side, I think and this is just my feelings, a lot of hardcore fans are so upset that their emotions have been running at warp 9+ and they are letting them cloud their judgment, we all and I mean myself included need to take a deep breath relax and let you guys handle the situation the best possible legal way and have the faith that it will all work out for the betterment of both parties involved. If you really care about our beloved Star Trek then you all should know and understand where I am coming from, just my 2 cents from a 60 year old fan who watch the original episode when it first aired back in 1966 and love the show!

  • Stephan Wülfert says:

    That’s good news! I just hope, we all will have an Axanar Film we all want! I hope you as people won’t get to much problems for keeping on the good work!

  • Robert says:

    Alec I trust you and Axanar’s legal team 100%. I want to see this movie, this story that’s been in your head for many years. Now that you’re close to being able to share it with the world the big corporations want to shut you down. Since learning of this I’ve said a few prayers for you, Diana, Rob and the rest of your crew and cast. I wish you success in your negotiations with CBS.

  • Private Citizen says:

    I hope you and the lawyers get a compromise that allows you to complete “Axanar”.
    The High production values of “Prelude to Axanar” impressed me so much that I have been hankering to find out how Garth became the legend that Kirk refers to. I love experiencing the history of the Federation, ever since the first chronology was released.
    Lets face it. Star Trek is truly bigger than CBS ever imagined, but the movies and TV series are so few and far between that it has been difficult to keep the on Air and in public view. Some series just cant get the airtime.
    The J.J Abrams franchise wont last forever. There is no guarantee that the new TV series will get the syndication needed to survive. High quality fan films can be the vehicle for larger audiences and provide viewer numbers for pitching new series to the expanding pay for view market.

  • Doug says:

    Wishing Axanar the best in this. I truly hope it works out so everyone wins.

  • brian333 says:

    I do hope this is resolved amicably. I don’t know why CBS/Paramount wants to sue and I don’t care.
    What I do know is that if Axanar is quashed, CBS/Paramount may as well sell the franchise, because they will never earn another penny from me.

    The thing is: CBS/Paramount may own the rights to profit from Trek, but they do not own Trek. Since NBC cancelled the show, Trek has been kept alive by fans, not the studios. If CBS fails to recognize this fact, they may well be stuck with another decade or two in which there is no Trek at all that is not fan-generated. Profit from that, CBS.

    Mr. Peters, I have confidence that you have all the bases covered, and I applaud your efforts both in the legal arena and in the studio. Keep up the good work.

  • Robert Dobbs says:

    I’m gratified to hear this positive response from one side of the actual issue. The commentary on the internet and on the news pieces about it is mostly hateful ranting back and forth and loads of what appears to be misinformation. All hope and luck to the production. I loved the “Prelude” video and can’t wait to see the actual production.

  • JARON GAMBLE says:

    Axanar you are the champs, let them have it in the name of all true trek fans out there. Because to me this ownership they have to the franchise too me isn’t star trek they are just copying star wars theory. The only difference is there shields and Trek in it. But As of late The shields is gone i don’t get the Star trek feel anymore and CBS just became a major pain and every fan’s ass cheeks. Pardon my language but this is bullshit. Because The owners to the rights of star trek is missing the bigger picture to making a star trek movie which every star from the franchise is too afraid to say, it don’t tie in with recent events of our current timeline.
    How does these reboots of the same old characters that everyone know the full history on tie in with recent events dealing with terror and everything our current generation has faced. See with Axanar I get that feeling that this ties in with today problems with society, our country and our world is at war and it is more evident today than ever.
    Now making a reboot is great but i don’t see the stories even getting tied in with each other, all that i see is everyone is just showing of the word STAR TREK with high density graphics and newer and younger people playing these characters. So leave what maybe our future heros alone and let’s see if they are the magical solution to solve your problems they made more than almost every fan kickstarter had ever got as far as i know that means something,.

    And if the owners of the rights to Star trek care at all about the fans they would let this go and see how it all plays out. Heck it might encourage us to go see star trek beyond movie because after watching their trailer i decided not to go and that before i came across Axanar but they renewed my fate in this once proud franchise.Oh and I am not being emotional i’m just hungry Axanar feed me more STAR TREK…..

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