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Captain’s Log – Jan. 28th, 2016

By January 31, 2016 Captain's Log

Rob works behind the new Mac that is lightning fast.

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

A day with lots of meetings!  But the big new is how happy Rob is with the new computers that Other World Computing‘s Larry O’Connor has graciously donated to the production.  They are increasing our capability significantly.  Rob will save hundreds of hours by using these.  And so will Bing as Larry gave us TWO sets of everything!

The two new RAID arrays that hold a whopping 72TB


Meanwhile, I had more calls with the lawyers today.  We actually have a second major law firm that wants to join in the case.  There is a lot of good that is happening on the legal front.  So stay tuned for more info as I can release it!


Alec Peters
Executive Producer

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  • Lance Ripplinger says:

    This is awesome! And to hear that another law firm wants to come one board is even more fantastic! You guys are clearly working hard to keep all your ducks in a row. And you are also working to become a 501c3 which should shut up anyone who has this ridiculous notion that you guys are for profit!

  • Ed says:

    New Mac? or the Espresso machine recently ordered?

  • Brian Tabbi says:

    Great news, Alec. I think the dedication and passion you and your staff are putting into this effort is awesome! Steady as she goes!

  • David Byrne says:

    Hey, great news about the law firm, good luck! Any chance for more info on the RAID you’re using? Interested to see the setup. Any specs appreciated! Are they mirrored? Thanks!

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